Homework for Adopting Parents

At Abrazo, we clearly know that all of our Parents-In-Waiting are great folks who are more than ready to love a child! Still, Texas Licensing officials want us to keep y’all busy with learning activities and homework between admission and finalization, and to have quarterly documentation in each family’s file that this was done. (Look at the bright side: it’ll give you something productive to do, besides shopping and getting the nursery ready, in the months between starting the process and enjoying those sleepless nights once baby comes home.)

In addition to completing Infant & Child CPR training and participating on Abrazo’s Forum actively monthly (that means posting, not just lurking!), Parents-In-Waiting will find monthly homework here: informational readings and worksheets to prepare them for the adoption endeavors and the journey of parenthood that lies ahead.

Abrazo also maintains a lending library of books and adoption movies on DVD, for those who wish to make use of it. You can also find great online learning courses at Childcare Lounge and Adoption Learning Partners. (And if you want to earn extra credit, attend adoption or bonding/attachment workshops or seminars or conferences in your area, and send us proof of attendance, so our Licensing officials can be as impressed with you as we surely will be.)

Please take responsibility for doing your homework together, so both spouses are benefiting, and send completed assignments in to your Family Services Coordinator at least quarterly through finalization, in accordance with Texas Department of Family & Protective Services standards for all prospective adoptive parents.


Month 1: Start Your Engines!
Month 1: Article on Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother

Month 2: Bonding & Attachment
Month 2: Her Book Report
Month 2: His Book Report
Month 2: Infertility & Aftershocks
Month 2: Q&A on Infertility & Aftershocks
Month 2: Reading List

Month 3: Dear Abby Article
Month 3: Dear Abby, PIW Worksheet
Month 3: Involving Your Family Article
Month 3: Involving Your Family Questions
Month 3: The Commitment Article
Month 3: Q&A on The Commitment

Month 4: Children First Article
Month 4: Questions on Children First
Month 4: Forum Scavenger Hunt
Month 4: Open Adoption Over the Years Article
Month 4: Q&A for Open Adoption Over the Years

Month 5: Adoption Core Issues
Month 5: Getting Real
Month 5: Questions on Getting Real
Month 5: Speaking Positively
Month 5: Questions on Speaking Positively

Month 6: Preparing for Placement
Month 6: Raising a Child of Another Race
Month 6: Questions on Raising a Child of Another Race
Month 6: Developing Positive Racial Identity
Month 6: Questions on Developing Positive Racial Identiy