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Rick M., Houston, Texas

Abrazo is the one agency I know that always does what they say they’ll do.

They find good homes for kids. They’re honest with people. They’ve been around a long time.

As a shelter worker, I hesitate to make adoption recommendations to my clients. When I do, though, I trust Abrazo to always do the right thing. Because I know they will.

Adoption may or may not be right for you. But you can trust that these people won’t steer you wrong.

Rick M., Houston, Texas

Adoptee Rights Advocate

As an adoptee rights advocate, I highly recommend Abrazo. They support adoptee access to their records. They do practice what they preach.

I spoke with one of their natural mothers long before I got to know them. She said that Abrazo was great. There are not too many mothers that have a good experience with an adoption agency.

I can’t sing their praises enough. They are a really good group of people. I don’t work with too many agencies. They are one agency that I am glad to be associated with.

Amy Burt, Texas

Adopted Child

Being adopted through Abrazo is the best thing, in my opinion, because I was brought into a very special family. For the children that have been adopted through Abrazo, the agency does what they can to help children with questions about adoption and they also help them get in touch with other kids who are going through the same things.

Hillary O., Hillsdale, NJ.

Birth Mothers

I never thought I would be someone who would give up my baby. But I was so glad to find Abrazo. They are adoption angels in my book. They really have heart and they helped me find such good people to adopt my baby to. We are still in touch today. I think Abrazo is the best adoption agency in Texas if you have to go through this.
Esme G.

Abrazo has a very special place in my heart. Without Abrazo, I would never have found such a wonderful couple for my baby (and I know they are the right parents for him!) Everything Abrazo did for me made things so much easier for all of us and that’s why I love them so much.
Melissa T., Fort Worth, TX.

I needed a Texas adoption agency. The hospital chaplain put me in touch with Abrazo. They were available to me at all times and furnished support and counseling before and after my child was born. My wishes for an adoptive family were considered and I was consulted on every option. Abrazo has always made me feel special!
Robin P., Wichita Falls, TX

I love Abrazo! They are always there for me. They found my baby a great home!! They are easy to talk to. When you talk, they really listen. I trusted them to help and they did. I am glad I picked Abrazo for my adoption agency!!!
Krystal M., San Antonio, TX.

Adoptive Families

Abrazo supported us at each step and we have enjoyed ongoing support and friendship with the staff and other adoptive families through the online Forum, regional gatherings and Camp Abrazo. We are so blessed and thankful for our wonderful experience!

We came to adopt not knowing much, except that we wanted to adopt. Thankfully, we met a neighbor who had adopted from Abrazo and we tucked away the information they provided. When we felt it was time, we started researching agencies but we kept coming back to Abrazo.

After attending the Parents of Tomorrow weekend, we knew we were in the right hands. We felt we understood the process and what to expect after that special weekend. We also connected with other couples who have since become wonderful and supportive friends. Filled with anticipation, we completed all the necessary steps and welcome a beautiful son into our family. Sixteen months later, our family grew by another son and his loving birthfamily!

Adoptive Family

Our journey to parenthood was so incredible, thanks to Abrazo, who was always there to help us and guide us every step of the way, Our son will always know of the wonderful, kind and caring people at Abrazo who made our family complete.
Rich & Nancy G., Monroe Township, NJ.

Our entire Abrazo experience was fabulous! There is no way we can ever thank Abrazo enough for all they did to bring our son into our lives… we cannot tell people enough great things about Abrazo and what a blessing they truly are, but God knows!
Jason & Jen L., Ames, IA.

We adopted from Abrazo years ago. Because of Abrazo, we got to be parents. Because of Abrazo, our kids never had smoldering questions we couldn’t answer. Because of Abrazo, we stayed in contact with their birthmoms and their families. Because of Abrazo, we’re proud of our sons’ adoption stories and they’re proud of us, too. Because of Abrazo, we give their number to everyone we can. We highly recommend this agency.
Kevin & Lisa P., Charlotte, NC.

Ready To Talk? Call anytime, day or night: 800-454-5683

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