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The primary purpose and goal of Abrazo Adoption Associates is to offer birthparents and adoptive parents from all walks of life the opportunity to provide children with safe and loving homes through compassionate and open adoption planning, in which the highest quality of counseling, pre-placement preparation, and post-placement follow-up is provided at reasonable costs.
Abrazo Adoption Associates is a private, nonprofit adoption agency serving the needs of birthparents, children and adopting parents nationwide. Licensed by the State of Texas, Abrazo specializes in open adoptions. This means the agency, birthparents and adopting parents work together to make loving plans for childrens’ futures. Call us anytime, at 210-342-5683 or 800-454-5683.

Let’s be honest: for far too long, adoption agencies have been known for taking over peoples’ lives, judging them by outdated standards and depriving folks of control over their own destinies. At Abrazo, we’re working to change that. We educate, encourage and support our clients as they make their own best decisions. Abrazo offers help you can trust, because you deserve the best.

“Abrazo” is a Spanish word which means “hug or embrace” and this is, truly, what we’re about.

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Meet the AbrazoChicks

The AbrazoChicks, as our alumni have fondly nicknamed us, are open adoption professionals with a wealth of experience in this field (personal and professional), and for our staff adoption is not merely a job, but rather a calling. We do it all, from counseling to casework to stork runs and diaper changes, and we love what we do, because we love the parents and children we serve.


Executive Director

Elizabeth is a preacher’s kid who majored in piano at Interlochen Arts Academy before earning a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Sociology, and then a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. She played piano professionally on the Riverwalk, worked in public relations and directed church children’s choirs before becoming a licensed therapist. Elizabeth considers her greatest accomplishments college cheerleading, founding Abrazo, and raising two fine sons as a single mom. Church keeps her sane, and chocolate, retail therapy and good wine keep her happy. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys reading, traveling and late night walks with her dog, Barkley.

Abrazo's Staff IS Working Through the Coronavirus Pandemic! Call 800-454-5683 if you need immediate placement assistance.


Family Services Coordinator

Amy and her late husband struggled with infertility before becoming the proud parents of a miracle baby named Molly, now a college student. In addition, the Byrds were a licensed foster family, so Amy can truly understand the needs of those for whom parenthood does not come easily. Amy, who was a championship swimmer in her high school years, has a Master’s degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Family Relations and Child Development. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting, cooking, rocking other people’s babies and being a newlywed, having met her sweet new husband through an online dating site.


Birthparent Care Coordinator

Renee is a South Texas native who got her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, then put herself through grad school to earn her Master of Social Work degree. She enjoys traveling, is a published author of a novel, and the proud mom of an absolutely adorable canine fur baby named Bandit (and yes, she does have him in doggy daycare.) She considers herself remedially-challenged when it comes to decorating, but she’s a great listener and goes the extra mile to find great resources for her clients in need. Renee enjoys dancing, working out, doting on her nieces, and her favorite homecooked meal is picadillo (and yes, you read that right, lol.)

Master's-Level Counseling Interns

Abrazo is an approved supervision site for Master’s-level counseling interns from a number of graduate programs in Texas. Every year, graduate students learning to become counselors work under the close supervision of Abrazo staff. Interns maintain weekly office hours, help facilitate the agency’s weekly birthparent support group, and provide free counseling services. Their volunteer service to Abrazo’s clients is much appreciated, and their contributions should not be underestimated.


Post-Adoption Specialist

Ximena was born and raised in northern Mexico, but holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Spa Management from the University of Arizona; she worked in the hospitality industry in Scottsdale, AZ and at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. She relocated with her husband to San Antonio, and went back to school for her Master’s degree in Counseling & Guidance with a focus in school counseling. She has been with Abrazo since 2017, and works fulltime as a school counselor. She enjoys traveling, and loves to talk. Her claim to fame is having been Artie the Artichoke (her college mascot– yes, there is such a thing) and running races if the medal looks good.

Our Programs & Events

In addition to quality placement services, we offer a number of programs and events designed to support our clients before and after placement. We know there’s no shortage of adoption resources out there, and we know our program isn’t necessarily the right one for everyone. We’re glad you’re checking out your options, and we wish you Godspeed in your journey, wherever it takes you.

Parents of Tomorrow Weekends

Parents of Tomorrow Weekends


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Camp Abrazo

Camp Abrazo

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Angel Account

Abrazo Adoption Associates

10010 San Pedro, Suite 540
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Abrazo Adoption AssociatesAbrazo Adoption Associates
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From Loop 410W, exit Cherry Ridge and travel west on the Loop 410 access road 4/5 mile; Abrazo is on the right side in the Glenny Law building, at the intersection of Cherry Ridge and the 410W access road. Enter the parking lot from the access road.

There is a reserved space for Abrazo guests in the front of the building; the rest of the lot is also open to building visitors, as is the back parking lot. Spaces which are not available to visitors are marked as such.

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