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Pregnant? Placing? Or considering adoption for a child or children already born? We’re here to help.

You can call 1-800-454-5683 to talk with us anytime, day or night. Or text HELPME to 210-860-5683. Or fill out this CONTACT FORM to request to have adoption information sent immediately, by email or in a plain white envelope.

If you need a doctor, we can help arrange prenatal care. Need a place to stay while you’re pregnant? We can help with that, too. Want to check out our waiting parents? See some profiles here. If you’ve just given birth or you’re already parenting but wish you weren’t, it’s not too late to consider adoption through Abrazo. Want to talk with a counselor? We’ve got that covered, too.

If you need answers to questions right away about adoption, find some here: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

Abrazo is the agency that Texas women and birthparents trust more, and here’s why: we put you first.

We don’t uproot pregnant women or require placing parents to move to another state just to use our services. We’re not pushy, either. You can meet with us whenever you feel ready, or we’ll come to you, if you wish. If you’re already in the hospital, no worries; we can be there as soon as you want us there.

At Abrazo, this really is all about us being there for you (and your child.) Before and after placement.

  • Abrazo has been a licensed, nonprofit agency doing safe, legal, ethical adoptions in Texas since 1994.
  • Abrazo can help you make a safe, confidential adoption plan any time before or after birth.
  • Every prospective birthmom at Abrazo gets the free services of her very own private caseworker.
  • Abrazo is the best if you want to have chosen parents for your baby or child and keep in touch directly.
  • Abrazo empowers pregnant and placing parents to know your rights, and own your choices.
  • Abrazo understands that even the best of plans can change, sometimes.
  • Abrazo supports each mother’s right to be in control of her own birth plan.
  • Abrazo welcomes all prospective birthparents, regardless of age, race, religion, addiction or record.
  • At Abrazo, we don’t believe adoptions end with placement, because that’s just the beginning.
As allowed by law, Abrazo can help, during pregnancy & afterwards (if needed) with:
  • Housing/rent assistance
  • Obtaining Medicaid or medical coverage
  • Finding you a doctor
  • Groceries and nutrition
  • Maternity clothes
  • Open adoption options: keep in touch if you wish
  • Private counseling before & after the adoption
  • Transportation to/from maternity-related appointments
  • Relocation if you need to live closer to Abrazo’s weekly support services
  • Utilities (electricity & telephone)
  • Post-adoption support

Check out Online Profiles of Approved & Waiting Homes

Placing A Child For Adoption

What does it mean to “give up a baby” or to place a child for adoption? It means a responsible parent is putting their child first, while she’s pregnant or after the birth. It’s about someone arranging a brighter future for their child, when that child needs more than the parent can possibly provide on their own. Surrendering parental rights is never easy. But when it’s a choice made out of love for that child, it’s the most courageous sacrifice any parent can make. (And trust us: there’s no such thing as an unwanted baby. We have loving homes waiting for each and every child!)

The point is that good people DO make adoption plans, just like you. To learn more about open adoption options at Abrazo, look over this page. To check out more resources for pregnant moms and prospective birthparents, click here. And to check out some of our waiting adoptive parent profiles, here. Or call us, at 1-800-454-5683. Or text HELPME to 210-860-5683. We’re here for you, and we’re ready to help.

If you’re considering adoption for your baby or child, you’re in good company. (And you’ve come to the right place.)

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    Answers To Your Common Questions

    What makes Abrazo the best agency choice for me?
    Abrazo is an agency that advocates for openness because we know that children who are adopted need both roots and wings. The birthparents we work with are no where in life that we ourselves could not be; for this reason, our staff tends to be highly protective of the expectant parents with whom we work. We want all of Abrazo’s birthparents to feel at peace with the adoptions they do with us; free of judgement and fully informed, before, during and after placement.
    What if I want my child to be adopted by someone of my own race?
    We welcome expectant parents of all racial backgrounds, and respect your right to make your own best decisions for your child/ren’s future. If you want your child to grow up in a same-race home, just let us know and we’ll do our best to help you find an adoptive family of your own race.
    What kind of financial help does your agency offer?
    According to state law, Abrazo can assist with what’s called “maternity related expenses” during the pregnancy and up to eight (8) weeks afterwards. These vary depending on your needs and resources, but generally include such things as medical care, housing, transportation to/from appointments, clothing, food, childcare during labor & delivery, etc. These costs are paid by the agency and covered by the adopting family, so please be reasonably sure of your intentions before requesting financial help. While there’s nothing that has to be paid back if a prospective birthparent decides not to place, seeking maternity support if you know you won’t end up placing OR accepting financial assistance from more than one agency at a time may constitute fraud, a felony offense that is punishable by law.
    Does my baby’s father have to sign papers giving consent for an adoption to occur?
    Under the laws of Texas at the current time, an attorney would probably tell you that the only time a father’s signed consent is needed is if you are married at the time of placement or if the baby’s father has already gone to court to prove paternity of the child being placed. Call us and let’s get Abrazo’s attorney to explain, if you’re worried about the father’s rights, but the short answer is that mothers who feel adoption is best can usually make this choice without the father’s involvement (except in very specific circumstances.)

    Adoption Resources

    Making Your Adoption Plan

    Making Your Adoption Plan

    Available Adoptive Families

    Available Adoptive Families

    Homework For Placing Parents

    Homework For Placing Parents

    Información sobre Adopción

    Información sobre Adopción


    My wishes for an adoptive family were considered and I was consulted on every option. Abrazo has always made me feel special!

    – Robin P., Wichita Falls, TX

    Abrazo has a very special place in my heart. Without Abrazo, I would never have found such a wonderful couple for my baby (and I know they are the right parents for him!).

    – Melissa T., Fort Worth, TX.

    When you talk, they really listen. I trusted them to help and they did. I am glad I picked Abrazo for my adoption agency!!!

    – Krystal M., San Antonio, TX.

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