The Year That Was

The Year That Was

It’s that season when that our adoption agency welcomes stacks of annual reports, and yes, we do indeed read every single one… but this year, we are reading them astounded at the year that was. This time last year, your annual reports were filled with...
Thank you adoptive parents

Thank you adoptive parents

In the midst of this unforeseen pandemic, this needs to be said: thank you adoptive parents. Yes, we know you wanted to adopt. You signed up for that But this is way more than that. So know this: WE SEE YOU. We know this isn’t easy. It wasn’t expected,...
Let Us Rise

Let Us Rise

This will surely be an Easter and Passover like no other, but let us rise to the challenge and make it a holiday to remember. (Even if it seems, for now, like coronavirus has forever changed life as we know it.) Adoptive families are understandably frantic about...
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Placing parents calling from outside Texas, please call collect:
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