New To Adoption

New To Adoption

Are you new to adoption? We get it. Adoption is an option nobody usually plans to need, until they do, so nearly everyone starts out new to adoption. There’s so much to learn about adoption before doing one, because it’s a permanent arrangement if...
Money for Adoption

Money for Adoption

Any time a question gets asked about money for adoption, one thing is sure: somebody is bound to get uncomfortable. And not without good reason. Because no adoption should ever happen just because money was the reason, right? It’s against the law in every state...
Pregnant in Texas

Pregnant in Texas

Those who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant in Texas are not alone these days, it seems. As planned by Texas lawmakers who supported Governor Abbott’s abortion ban, thousands of female children, teens and adults have become involuntarily pregnant in Texas...
Working in Child Welfare

Working in Child Welfare

For many, the phrase “working in child welfare” conjures up touching images– rocking babies, getting hugs from toddlers, saving children from unsavory fates…and yes, sometimes, that fits. But ask anyone who’s been working in child welfare...
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24-Hour Birthparent HelpLine
for New Placing Parents/Medical Emergencies

Placing parents calling from Texas or surrounding states:

Placing parents calling from outside Texas, please call collect:
210-342-LOVE (5683)

Placing parents text:


Mailing address:

3123 Northwest Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78230