Fiesta San Antonio Baby

Fiesta San Antonio Baby

The Fiesta San Antonio baby story is one of our favorite Fiesta memories of all time. It happened during Fiesta many years ago. Abrazo’s staff was having lunch at El Mercado, when the pager went off. (Many years ago, remember?) Elizabeth called the answering...
Sorry Baby

Sorry Baby

We’re sorry baby. Your prospects recently changed dramatically, and not for the better, we fear. (Although we’d love to be wrong about that.) We’re not sure our paths will ever cross again, so consider this our note of apology for what we were not able to do to shield...
Baby Lust

Baby Lust

Beware of baby lust! It may sound harmless, but severe cases of baby lust may be more dangerous than you know. People who truly suffer from baby lust can often be emotionally-fragile, and sometimes psychologically-imbalanced, neither of whom may be the most ideal...
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