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Fiesta San Antonio Baby

The Fiesta San Antonio baby story is one of our favorite Fiesta memories of all time. It happened during Fiesta many years ago. Abrazo's staff was having lunch at El Mercado, when the pager went off. (Many years ago, remember?) Elizabeth called the answering service...

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Adoption Blues

Ever get the adoption blues? If so, you're not alone. Adoption is complicated. It doesn't matter whether you're thinking about "giving a baby up for adoption" (or placing)? Or if you're trying to adopt, and fearing the wait may be endless? Or maybe you've already...

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Giving My Baby Away

My name is Jasmine and giving my baby away was the hardest choice I ever made. I know there's nicer ways to talk about what I did. You're supposed to say you made an adoption plan. Or you placed your baby for adoption. But that's not how my family sees what I did....

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Adoption Mysteries

Solving adoption mysteries can seem like opening Pandora's box. Learning the truth might feel both freeing and frightening at times. Now, if you're just wondering who Pandora was and what was up with her box, click here. The expression comes from an old Greek myth....

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Unplanned Baby

An unplanned baby is an unexpected blessing that may or may not be meant for you. When you find out you're having an unplanned baby, the normal reaction is surprise. You may not have been even trying to get pregnant. Or you may have been trying not to get pregnant....

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Baby Adoption

People think of baby adoption like a Hollywood romance, with a newborn at the story's center. All babies are precious, after all. What could be more romantic than a baby adoption in which people come together to "save" a child? There is plenty of love in any good...

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