Placing While Parenting

Placing While Parenting

At least half of the birthparents whom Abrazo serves have opted for placing while parenting. If you’re not sure what that means, you’re not alone, because most people still assume that birthparents who place are young teenagers who couldn’t possibly...
When Adoption Shouldn’t Happen

When Adoption Shouldn’t Happen

It was nearly 6 pm when the office door chime rang, and although it was already ‘quitting time,’ these days it seems there’s no good time when adoption shouldn’t happen. In our lobby stood a young person, modestly dressed, who spoke in broken...
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24-Hour Birthparent HelpLine
for New Placing Parents/Medical Emergencies

Placing parents calling from Texas or surrounding states:

Placing parents calling from outside Texas, please call collect:
210-342-LOVE (5683)

Placing parents text:


10010 San Pedro, Suite 540
San Antonio, TX 78216