When Pregnancy Turns Dangerous

When Pregnancy Turns Dangerous

Mothers-to-be of any age don’t always know, when pregnancy turns dangerous. Doctors only see their patients in the office or clinic, after all, not at their homes, where pregnant moms are sometimes at the greatest risk. The National Institute of Health website...
A Guest at the Birth

A Guest at the Birth

To be asked to be a guest at the birth is both an honor and a responsibility. To be asked to be present when an adoption plan is pending is even more monumental. It can be controversial, to be sure. Whether you are a birthfamily member, a prospective adoptive parents...
When an Adoption Plan Fails

When an Adoption Plan Fails

When an adoption plan fails, regardless of which party walked away, it feels like a gut-punch to the heart. A failed adoption plan can be like a miscarriage. For days (or weeks or months) you’ve likely been preparing for what you thought (hoped) was going to be....
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24-Hour Birthparent HelpLine
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Placing parents calling from Texas or surrounding states:

Placing parents calling from outside Texas, please call collect:
210-342-LOVE (5683)

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3123 Northwest Loop 410
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