If you’re having a San Antonio Fiesta baby, it means you’re likely to miss out on some of the fun this year. San Antonio’s Fiesta is, of course, the biggest South Texas block party ever, but having your water break in the middle of NIOSA  or trying to find where you parked in the middle of any of the parades to get to the hospital fast is anything but fun. (Get ready to swap margaritas for formula and mariachi music for lullabyes, mamacita!)

However, if you plan on putting a baby up for adoption or adopting a child in San Antonio during Fiesta, then you may be wondering how, exactly, that might work? After all, with an estimated 2.5 million people participating in San Antonio Fiesta, baby arrivals and adoption arrangements are bound to be impacted, right? Not to worry, because the best ‘lil adoption agency in Texas has already got you covered, friends.

One San Antonio Fiesta Baby story

The good news is that the Abrazo staff is always available, day and night, at Fiesta time and all year through.  A few years back. Abrazo got a referral from a local hospital in the middle of Fiesta week. A teenager had been at work downtown at the Rivercenter Mall when she told coworkers she didn’t feel well and got someone to drop her off at the nearest hospital to get “checked out.” Once there, she admitted she’d been hiding a pregnancy from everyone in her life. She swiftly delivered a baby, and asked to make immediate adoption plans .The hospital social worker explained to her that her baby wasn’t ready to leave the hospital yet, and that babies have to be at least 48 hours old before adoption paperwork can be completed, The teen insisted on returning to the mall that very evening, so her mom wouldn’t get suspicious when she came to pick her up from work, so the hospital got a release signed, gave her our number (210-342-5683) and let her leave.

We spoke with her and urged her to reconsider keeping this secret from her parents, but she was adamant, and under Texas law, mothers of any age do have the right to make adoption plans without their parents’ knowledge or consent. We knew her baby was safe in the hospital, but we were truly concerned about her emotional and physical well-being. She agreed to meet with our counselor at the mall the next day, and while it wasn’t our idea of the ideal arrangement, she had her own reasons for wanting to do everything privately, and in the security of her own work environment. Two days later, she made the legal decision to allow her child to be adopted and signed papers in the mall (per her wishes), while Fiesta revelers partied all around town. She never took us up on our offer of post-placement counseling and support, and neither the agency nor the adoptive family ever heard from her again. We hope she’s at peace with her choice, wherever she is? She’s always welcome here, should she ever decide she does want a reunion with her Fiesta baby and that family.

Other Abrazo birthparents and their children’s adoptive families take in Fiesta activities together, finding it a perfect time for visits before the weather gets too hot. (Remember, local kids get a school day off on Fiesta Friday!) From the carnival to Fiesta De Los Ninos to the King William street fair to the Battle of Flowers parade and the Battle of the Bands and Charreada, there are plenty of family-friendly Fiesta activities to enjoy. (See the official schedule here.) 

Fiesta Adoption Reminders

If you are placing or adopting during Fiesta (as are two happy Abrazo couples this week), there are a few things to keep in mind…

  • Placing parents may want to talk with their doctor in advance if they’re planning to birth at Christus Santa Rosa/CHOSA Fetal Care Center, since it’s in the heart of downtown Fiesta traffic (Metropolitan Methodist  Hospital is also downtown, but not on parade routes.) Pharmacies all over town are open during Fiesta, of course, so filling post-partum prescriptions is not a problem.
  • Adopting parents are advised to book northside (not downtown) hotels or AirBnbs during Fiesta, and book early. since space all over the city is in hot demand. (Call Abrazo if you can’t find accommodations or need locals to vet addresses for you?)
  • Interstate Compact offices do not close down during Fiesta, as this is a city (not state) holiday, but the Bexar County Courthouse and city offices do close for Fiesta Friday, so our law office cannot schedule terminations nor adoption finalizations for that day. The Abrazo office is not open, but our staff is always available for placing parent intakes, medical emergencies, births and emergency placements, so call us if you need us. 

Finally, just a word about Fiesta safety… San Antonio is generally a very safe place for a city its size, but remember that Fiesta is the size of Mardi Gras, so general safety precautions always should apply. SAPD is on the lookout for drunk drivers, so you should be, too, and always keep a close eye on your child/ren, your purse or backpack, and your surroundings.

So that’s about it! Viva familia, and get out and enjoy you some San Antonio Fiesta, baby!


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