This Father’s Day weekend, as we honor all the birthfathers, fathers and grandfathers we know and love, we are reminded of how much kids need good dads.

We all know that there are children who thrive in the care of single mothers. In some circles, it may seem like offensive or old-fashioned, but as child welfare professionals, we still believe that kids need good dads, too. (Don’t believe us? Here’s scientific proof of the importance of The Father Effect.)

At Abrazo, we feel richly blessed to know all the fathers that we do. Our staff is deeply grateful for each of our daddies. And we’re shamefully proud of all the birthfathers and adoptive dads of the AbrazoNation.

Here’s to the Dads that Place

The birthfathers we work with at Abrazo are strong, smart and caring guys. Our favorites are not the type to cut and run just because of an unplanned pregnancy; rather, they stand by their partners, whether they fathered that baby or not, and they participate fully in supporting the adoption plan that’s being made. They play an essential role in the life of the child being placed, even if society rarely “gets” why they matter so. And they stay involved afterwards, too, because open adoption means everyone becomes forever family, and their child benefits from always knowing them, as well.

After all, nobody makes it into this life without the contribution of some father somewhere, even if not every man who helps a woman conceive is cut out for the day-to-day duties of parenting. There are different ways to be a good dad, and it takes a lot of wisdom and discretion to know if/when fatherhood is your calling.

Here’s to the Dads that Adopt

Abrazo has plenty of outstanding, homestudy-approved fathers-to-be who are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to give their all on behalf of another man’s child. They’re kind, faithful men who have weathered infertility with their wives and yet decided that their most important role is to serve as the dad that someone else’s child truly needs most. We can’t wait to see these fine men join the ranks of those who have already adopted here.

The men who have become fathers through Abrazo number in the thousands these days. They come from all backgrounds, and fill a wide range of occupations. They’re farmers, bankers, doctors, lawyers, artists, pro-athletes, salesmen, accountants, stay-home daddies, pastors, musicians, nurses, teachers, pilots, military, and more. Yet the one thing they all have in common is that they went through the gauntlet to adopt– because truly, family means everything to them. Every child deserves that kind of devoted and nurturing father, to love and protect them and to model what men of character and integrity are all about.

Kids need Good Dads, & We’ve Got Them

We spent a weekend last month with some of the best of them, out at Camp Abrazo. They are the kinds of fathers and grandfathers that love their wives and dote on their children (and everybody else’s, too.) They’re strong, smart and nurturing men who have changed their share of diapers, who romped with the kids in the pool, who work hard to support their families, and who keep their word with both their wives and their kids’ birthparents, too. To see “our” AbrazoKids growing up around these kind of dads warms our hearts.

Yesterday, at Abrazo, we witnessed the entrustment of a beautiful baby girl, who was being placed. The birthmother’s boyfriend arrived on his motorcycle to lend his support, having already assured her he’d help her parent if she needed to make a different choice and he’d have her back even if she’d didn’t. She tenderly placed her child in the arms of the adoptive couple she’d already chosen, knowing she was giving her baby a caring mom and a doting dad who will protect her always. There were literally thousands of other waiting adopters she could’ve chosen, but she wanted her baby to have this family, because as a single mother herself, she too believes that kids need good dads. This will surely be one Father’s Day her child’s new daddy will never, ever forget– thanks to her.

Happy Father’s Day, y’all!

So to all the adoptive dads and birthfathers we know and love, for all the hopeful adoptive dads still waiting, and for all the grandfathers of our community, too: happy Father’s Day weekend. We see you, and we salute you. Thank you for all you do, and for all you are.

You are proof positive that undoubtedly: kids need good dads… thanks for filling that special role just as perfectly as you do, day in and day out.

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