If you’re a childless couple interested in adopting, take heart! You may definitely may benefit from beginner’s luck. (Even if the idea of adopting after infertility seems exhausting?)

Rest assured: the childless couple interested in adopting who walks away from infertility treatment and adopts instead has everything to gain.

You don’t know what you don’t know, of course. But Abrazo can teach you that! And if you’re truly ready to adopt, Abrazo has parents planning to place just waiting for more childless couples to become available here.

(Click here if you know you’re ready to begin and can’t wait to start the process of becoming first-time parents through open adoption.)

From Childless Couple to New Parents in 6-12 Months or Less

Most prospective birthparents naturally hope to help make first-time parents of a childless couple interested in adopting. It’s not that couples who already have kids are any less deserving. (They are.) It’s not that they don’t want their placed child to have siblings someday. (Most do.)

It’s just that they want for their sacrifice to have the greatest possible benefit. For your own misfortune to forever change the life of someone who has suffered personal tragedy feels redemptive, somehow. And to place your child with a couple with no other children means your baby will be the center of both parents’ attention, of course.

At Abrazo, most childless couples successfully take placement of a baby within six to twelves months or less. For example, Nic and Dinorah became first time parents of a beautiful newborn within two months of attending Abrazo’s October 2018 orientation; the same day, Cody & Kati (another childless couple, who’d attended Abrazo’s August 2018 orientation) became first-time parents of twin boys. (The last childless couple who joined the program last fall still awaits placement; through no fault of their own, their adoption match fell through earlier this year. They know their baby is still out there, somewhere. UPDATE: Kevin & Samantha became proud parents just today!)

Becoming new parents on short notice is not easy, of course, but for Abrazo’s waiting families, anytime a match or placement happens, it’s a most welcome change in their lives. (So they’re more than happy to rise to the challenge.)

Interested in adopting? Abrazo can help.

For childless couples interested in adopting, Abrazo can be a great agency choice. At Abrazo, unlike other agencies that will accept anyone willing to pay their fees, we believe in knowing and caring for adoptive couples firsthand. Abrazo offers an orientation weekend that enables new adoptive couples to spend a weekend with our staff, learning about open adoption and how Abrazo works, with ample time available to ask all questions.

That’s not all, though. Abrazo also hosts an online community called the Abrazo Forum, where prospective adopters can “meet” and learn from those who have successfully placed or adopted through the agency.

Adopting parents at Abraqo all have their own full-time caseworker, our Family Services Coordinator Amy Byrd. This Masters-degreed mother hen overcame infertility herself and later became a licensed foster parent, too. (So rest assured, she knows the agony of fertility treatment and homestudies and supervision firsthand.)

Abrazo places primarily newborns, and our agency’s fees are still among the lowest of any Texas agency. Our adoptions are what’s called “full-disclosure open adoption” because we know (not think– know) that truth and transparency are best for adoptees at every age. And our staff and community will embrace you for years after placement, to ensure that you have ample support throughout all the stages of parenting that follow.

For others in need

For others in need: if you are not a childless couple interested in adopting, Abrazo still welcomes your interest. We do accept limited numbers of applicants with secondary infertility, or from those who have adopted previously. Our designated and special needs adoption programs are available to those without documented infertility. (And of course, we’re on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for expectant moms and parents needing to place children already born. Just call 1-800-454-5683 if you need to place, anytime.)

But if you’re a childless couple interested in adopting, Abrazo needs you now, so contact the agency today and let’s get you fast on your way to parenthood through open adoption.

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