Given that November is the month that we honor adoption and celebrate Thanksgiving, what better time of year is there to be thankful?

January will mark Abrazo’s 24th birthday, and in the nearly two-and-a-half decades since our agency opened, Abrazo has served 2839 birthfamilies and adoptive families.

ThankfulWe are thankful for every one of them; for the trust they have placed in us and for the love they have demonstrated for their children.

These are parents who have truly “gone the extra mile” on behalf of their kids. They faced down some of life’s greatest challenges and completed mountains of paperwork and jumped through countless hoops to ensure that their child’s fate would never just be left to chance.

Each of them are people of grace and integrity, who have been true to their word and who rarely get the thanks they deserve for being the amazing people they really are.

So if you are one of these parents: thank you. Your sacrifices are much appreciated… truly.

Bragging Rights

We are thankful for every single adoptee who has been placed and/or adopted here since 1994.

Each is so very loved. So valued. And so unique.

We wish we could tell you how proud we are of all of them… here’s just a sampling of their many achievements:

Lindsay is earning her Master’s degree in Social Work and works in child welfare.

Michael is winning rave reviews on the East Coast for his proficiency in ballet.

Kate competed for the title of Miss Maine in the Miss America system.

Kevin won no less than 4 gold medals in the 2017 Special Olympics.

Lexi, who’s a high school volleyball star, is already being scouted by college recruiters.

Tyson got his driver’s license, and his brother Teyler won early acceptance to two different colleges.

Elektra came in third at her gymnastics meet, and big sister Tasia’s team placed second in their soccer tournament.

Henry is mastering tummy time like an old pro already, and he just rolled over for the first time.

Roxanne just learned to ride a bike. Her brother was the Star Student of the Week at school this fall.

Reece was one of the 2% of Boy Scouts who achieved the rank of Eagle Scout this year.

Ollie made people cry with the precious letter he wrote his birthfamily and shared on Facebook.

Maguell, who has Down Syndrome, has just learned to stand by himself.

Emma Claire and Grace Ann and Mia are all accomplished cheerleaders.

Mikayla finished in the top 40% of track stars at the UIL State Championships this month.

Joshua, who’s a high school football star, recently sang a solo at his church.

(And this list could go on and on, of course.)

Let Us Also Remember…

There are many other Abrazokidz with equally-important accomplishments, like those who have already become proud parents themselves; and the ones who have chosen to join the military to serve their country; and the ones who were failing a class at school but made a genuine effort to improve and pulled their grade up; and and those who befriend the unpopular kids at school, and who stand up to bullies.

We honor our many adoptees who go out of their way to help out the elderly or care for small animals or children; and those who have proven to be safe drivers; and the ones who attend their youth group at church; and them that help around the house without complaining.

We hail, also, the merciful few who have bravely weathered the grief that comes with the death of a parent; and those who contend with mental health issues yet still bring joy to those around them; and the ones who persevere in life despite chronic health conditions.

And we commend our adoptees who have had the courage to share their adoption stories at school, along with those who appreciate their parents’ efforts to keep them connected with their birthfamilies, and we voice support for those who struggle with questions about their adoptions, for those who value and respect all their parents, and for those who never give up hope of reuniting with lost or missing birthfamily members.

This Thanksgiving, we give thanks for all the members of the Abrazo community, all across America. We are grateful for our staff, past and present. We are thankful for every one of our parents-in-waiting, expectant parents, birthfamilies and adoptive families. We appreciate the many extended family members who support them (and us.)

Most of all, we are thankful for each and every child within the Abrazo community, big or small; for every birthsibling, for every homegrown sibling, and for every adoptee.

May they always know how beloved they are, and how thankful we are for them and their proven potential to change the world for the better.

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