Interested in learning more about adopting through Abrazo? Photo(46)
Read all the pages under this heading and join Abrazo’s Forum. Then download, complete and return the preapplication (the “AP Inquiry” form) found here:

AP Inquiry Form

Once the AP Inquiry is returned to us (with photo & fee), qualified preapplicants receive the full application packet within 2-4 weeks.

When you complete filling out the full application, submit it with your photos, house floor plan, reference letters, last tax return and application fee (and for the Milagros full-service program, proof of infertility from a physician or fertility specialist.)

Applicants for the Milagros program may request desired dates to attend Abrazo’s renowned Parents of Tomorrow Orientation weekends. Confirmation is granted on the basis of agency placement resource needs, no sooner than one month in advance. (Since Abrazo only accepts as many families as we anticipate being able to place with in a year’s time, orientation assignments are made in accordance with the kinds of children being placed and the kinds of families that are most needed.)

Within ten (10) days of completing the orientation weekend OR receiving an acceptance letter from the agency, approved families wishing to become full-fledged clients of Abrazo remit the required contracts and funds (preadoption education and training fee and $3K escrow deposit), then begin preparation of their profile and homestudy (see Homestudy Requirements here). From there, it’s just a matter of time before they match and place and bring home their new child/ren.

Families taking placement of children for whom Abrazo is managing conservator effectively “foster” for a period of 6-18 months (placement of twins/sibling groups and children over the age of 6 mos necessitate a minimum 12 months of supervision), and must report monthly to Abrazo, complete 5 post-placement supervisory visits with their homestudy worker with quarterly visits thereafter, and continue direct contact with the birthparent/s of Abrazo’s child/ren until the placement is approved for finalization, which occurs in Bexar County, Texas.