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What does it mean to “give up” a baby, or as we say it, place a child for adoption? It means a responsible parent is surrendering parental rights, whether for newborn or for a small child they are already struggling to parent. It means that parent is putting their child first, and arranging a brighter future for their child, when that child needs more than the parent can possibly provide on their own. (And trust us, there’s no such thing as an unwanted baby. We have loving homes waiting for each and every child!)

Throughout history, responsible parents have turned to adoption when they wanted their child/ren to have security and stability in life than the parent themselves could offer, due to their lifestyle or age or economic circumstances. In the picture on the left, this Abrazomom (center) made a loving open adoption plan for her twins with the adoptive father and mother on either side of her.

Baby Moses‘ first mom entrusted her infant son to a princess and adoption saved his life. Calamity Jane got pregnant by Wild Bill Hickock, history tells us, and adoption provided him the stable home life her lifestyle could not afford him. The world’s greatest thinker, Albert Einstein, and the woman he later married placed their firstborn daughter for adoption, shortly after he completed college. Singers Joni Mitchell and David Crosby are birthparents of children placed for adoption. Actress Kate Mulgrew became pregnant while working on the soap opera “Ryan’s Hope” and her pregnancy was written into the show until she left to give birth and place the baby for adoption. Comedienne Roseanne Barr had an unplanned pregnancy in her teen years, and adoption planning gave her child a more stable set of parents with whom to grow up. Rock star Ted Nugent has had both a son and a daughter who were each placed for adoption, and in 2011, soap star Jack Wagner reunited with his daughter, placed for adoption as a baby.  Late computer guru Steve Jobs‘ birthparents married after his placement, and raised their next child (author Mona Simpson) together.

The point is that good people DO make adoption plans, just like you. (Just like the twin’s birthmom, who’s still enjoying a healthy open adoption relationship with her twins, their parents and the kids she’s parenting.) To learn more about open adoption options at Abrazo, look over the topic . Or check out some of our waiting adoptive parent profiles, here.

Or call us, at 1-800-454-5683. We’re here for you, and we’re ready to help.