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When we went to Texas for orientation, we didn’t know what to expect. But we can now say it was a truly positive experience. One of the most important things for us was the positive energy we came away with from that weekend. After years of infertility and disappointments, we felt that for the first time there was hope. It also provided us the chance to meet the Abrazo staff firsthand, something we highly recommend. It helped us feel that Abrazo was on our side, and that we had friends at Abrazo. It’s really important to feel good about your agency and to feel you did everything possible to make the right choice about agencies, and orientation gave us that certainty.

Rob & Nancy, parents of Ellie

Congratulations on your decision to attend a Parents of Tomorrow orientation weekend with Abrazo! Orientation weekend is very educational, a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to meet the Abrazo staff and all the other prospective adoptive parents in your group. We came away from the weekend full of newfound hope and energy, eager to begin the process of open adoption. We know everyday that our match with our son’s birthparents was made in Heaven, and it was just a matter of time until we found him, with the help of the great ladies at Abrazo.

Johnny & Debbie, parents of Lucas

When we came to Abrazo’s orientation weekend, we were a childless couple who had been through a failed adoption plan in our home state already, and I have to tell you, we were not really looking forward to it. In my mind, I already knew all there was to know about adoption and it seemed like a waste of money to fly to Texas just to hear the same spiel all over again. But we flew to Texas and went to the Friday evening “drink and chat” dreading it– but was ensued was one of the most amazing nights of my life. Here was a group of strangers sharing not insignificant facts but deep dark hurts and wants and we were all crying and laughing together. We went to our hotel rooms afterwards feeling exhausted but with huge weights lifted from our hearts and minds. The next day, we learned and listened and promised to keep in touch. We went to Texas to find out how to get a baby but we all left with a new family, our orientation group, which has been the most amazing part of all.

Scott & Sandi, parents of Skye, Eli & Griffin

Orientation was more than we ever anticipated it would be! When we returned home, the best way we could describe it was to say that we had had a heart transplant. We learned so much about open adoption. We were also able to hear from birthparents, which helped to ease a lot of our fears. Know that through Abrazo, your dreams of becoming parents can be a reality, and will probably happy sooner than you expect. As they told us over and over at orientation, remember: it is not if, but when!

Cliff & Laurie, parents of Max & Amelia

Orientation was a scary concept, but looking back, it was an integral part of our journey with Abrazo. It afforded us the opportunity to get to know the staff and give them a chance to get to know us. It also helped us heal a little more– everyone in our group had been down a very long and bumpy road and everyone in the room had commmon goals, just of becoming parents. We were no longer alone and there was comfort in that. One of the most critical parts of orientation was helping us cross the bridge on the issue of open adoption. We had done some homework, but not a lot, and still needed help to overcome our fears. Orientation made things clearer and sent us home ready for the amazing journey that lay ahead. Take that journey that starts with orientation! It changed our lives forever.

Paul & Beth, parents of Matthew

We got Abrazo’s info from the nurse at our fertility clinic. We went to orientation knowing that Abrazo had a very good reputation in our home state. Then during the weekend we heard how other people had checked out Abrazo’s reputation and we were even more impressed. We practically flew home with a plane after that weekend, we were so excited. We finally had an excellent chance of being parents, we knew it! and we were thrilled. And within 6 months, we were back in San Antonio at the birth of our beautiful son. When we decided to adopt again, we went back to orientation, and it was like coming home again. Abrazo made our family complete, within 4 months of our second orientation weekend. Take advantage of this weekend and put your trust in Abrazo and you won’t be sorry!

Gabe & Kathy, parents of Chris and Matt

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