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  1. Yay!!! Just stumbled on this thread.... It is what I am looking for but want to bump in case there are other books recommended.
  2. I am sure this has been covered elsewhere on here but I am looking for a book list recommended for Adoptive Parents or Parents in Waiting that helps them understand or grasp some of the issues that Adult (or Teen) Adoptees may experience. I remember from Orientation Primal Wound was one....as well as Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Parents Knew. The main reason I am asking is because the therapist I see works with Adult Adoptees and as we talk about adoption and my thoughts (I am a birthmother and a mom through adoption) she is very interested and open to learning more and asked if ther
  3. Bumping this for W's Birthmom and others looking for info prior to placement.
  4. Heidi K recommended a few good books for her sons (both AA). It was probably 2 - 3 yrs ago? I'll try to find it on here and quote it to move it here or maybe she can repost (or has others to recommend).
  5. I am certain this topic already exists or one similar but after spending 10 minutes trying to find it I've given up. If this is a duplicate, please feel free to post a link to it here and I'll pick up on that one instead. Anyway, I have quite a collection of Adoption Books and wanted to list them here and thought this could be a good place to comment/discuss the books. Sadly, it's been awhile since I've read most of them so maybe this will motivate me to go back through them and have a refresher. Some of them may not be the best books but for one reason or another, I have them in my collec
  6. Wow! I can't believe I've never seen or responded to this topic! For prospective birthparents out there, I'm a birthmother but did not place through Abrazo so question # 2 doesn't apply to me. I placed my daughter for adoption 21 years ago in a closed adoption (closed adoption wasn't my choice/preference but it was all that was offered at that time) through Gladney (wouldn't recommend them, I have a friend who adopted through Gladney and her viewpoint on adoption and how she handles her childrens' adoptions make me feel as though Gladney still hasn't caught up to what adoption needs to be l
  7. Mari, you just keep writing...however it comes. Your posts are a treasure and your heart is in such a warm loving place - I'm so happy you're here!!! Thank you for your thoughtfulness - you are a special special person! Lisa
  8. Welcome to the forum 1st X Grandma!!! I wish the forum could have been around when I placed my daughter for adoption, I am glad you found it and glad you decided to share and invite others into your world. I placed my daughter for adoption 20 years ago - I was 18 at the time and my mom was my ROCK during that experience (the most painful experience I've ever gone through). I got through it because of her. She didn't have anyone to talk to and so I guess she dealt with it on her own - I was so wrapped up in my own grief, I never once considered hers until much later when we talked about o
  9. Hi Amanda, This is just my own personal preference but I prefer using the first names of both our childrens' birthmothers. Meg (Brennan's birthmother) is obviously very ok with this and I think would be offended if I didn't - we have an extremely open adoption and everyone under the sun knew she was pregnant and placing and I think there were about 10 people in the delivery room when Brennan was born (all family except for one very close friend). On the other hand, Kayleigh's birthmother (Rachel) isn't in contact with us and I know is extremely private about her placement (her parents/sist
  10. You are SUCH a cutie Lindsay!!! I love your new profile pics you put here :-D

  11. Oh beautiful Joanna, here you are!!! Much love and welcome to my little safe cyber place :)

  12. Hi there Lindsay! Welcome to the forum - I'm Lisa, a birthparent who recently found my daughter who I placed in a closed adoption 20 yrs ago - her name is Joanna and I hope she'll join the forum soon too - soooo glad you're here...

  13. Amy, thank you sooo much for finding us on the forum and for sharing yourself with us all. You really are an angel to me, in the most profound way - I will never forget you!!!

  14. but in open adoptions, there is often an amazing "soul sisterhood" between firstmothers and mommies-- when both are willing to embrace the intimacy that comes with sharing a child. Amen to that!
  15. Well, if anyone has read any of our posts regarding our journey to our son Brennan....you'll know that God really had a good laugh at us! Honestly, we were about as inflexible on gender as anyone could be (don't even get Elizabeth started....if anyone deserves an opportunity to do an "I told ya so, told ya so, told ya told ya told ya so" dance...she certainly does) (don't think we would have walked out of a delivery room, I'm sure I would have drawn the line there) and God, Abrazo, and our dear precious sweet Meg brought the other love our life to us (our daughter Kayleigh being the other ot
  16. Yay Susan!!!! So happy to hear this news!!! I will be keeping fingers and toes crossed - but most of all - will be saying prayers for you and this special new family that you may be welcoming into your lives. Thanks for sharing - I'm so happy to hear this!!! Lisa
  17. HALLELUJAH 90% down....10% more to go! A goal worth striving for!!!
  18. What a sweet photo!!! Congratulations on your son!!! Baby boys are just wonderful and amazing!!!
  19. Just plugging this book again as Elizabeth did several years ago - I just finished reading it, posted about it under a different thread Suggested Reading and thought I'd share here as well. I also ran across a quick article on P.A.C.T.'s website by the author of this book, Mary Stephenson called A Birthgrandmother's Perspective in case you don't have time to read the book - but I highly recommend the book, especially if your daughter has or is planning to place her child for adoption.
  20. One of my greatest passions is reading although I just don't seem to have or make the time to read like I used to - I'm the kind of person/reader where when I start a book, I like to just soak it all up in one go - will stay up all night until I can't keep my eyes open any longer and then pick the book back up again as soon as I wake up. So on Mother's Day - I'm enjoying a book I bought months ago - a book that I found online that I thought would interest me as I am a birthmother - the book is called "My Child is a Mother - A True and Happy Story of Open Adoption" and was written by Mary Ste
  21. Happy Mother's Day Meg!!! To a very special mother who sure has touched my life in a way I never could have expected :)

  22. I know...as if it's not great enough that they post these announcements...now, we're not satisfied with just the "Stork Announcements" - we beg for pictures before they even leave Abrazo's offices Crazy clients - look what they've created with us In the "olden" days (like 2 years ago), we had to just be happy with the announcement....
  23. Just wanted to leave you some love my dear friend - thank you a million times over for everything you've done for us/me :)

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