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  1. We were saddened to learn of several deaths within our adoption community in 2022... Our thoughts and prayers go out to * Kelly Yogerst, birthmother of Sebastian * Cora Truckenbrod, stillborn daughter of Priscilla & Emily & Mark and sibling of Lucas * Shana & Linda Dimambro, daughter and mother who were also birthmothers of Dylan & Shari * Maria Reyna, birthgrandmother of adoptees Josiah & Roxanne * Gewelene Montoya, infant birthsister of adoptee Maguel We are grateful for each other them, and wish them peace in their repose.
  2. It's a New Year-- Abrazo's 29th!-- so we're just launching a new thread for the nursery announcements for the babies and children who get placed and adopted here in 2023. Happy new beginnings, everyone (and prayers forward for all whose arrivals are yet to happen.)
  3. Having done an open adoption at Abrazo previously, Michael & Dana know how birthparents make miracles happen, and they look forward to welcoming a new brother or sister home for their son. (Seeking an Anglo or Hispanic newborn of either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since October 2022.)
  4. Mario & Lori long to become a dad and mom for the first time, through open adoption, and these Texans are ready at a moment’s notice. (Seeking an infant of any race & either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since May 2022.)
  5. These educators are devoted to children, so we know they’ll be great parents once their adoption prayers are answered at last. (Seeking an Anglo &/or Hispanic newborn of either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since April 2022.)
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