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  1. Stork Central

    Baby Announcements 2020

    They were to have attended our April orientation, and then our July weekend, but both were cancelled due to Covid-19. Meanwhile, though, this returning adoptive couple was thankful for the opportunity to match with a loving birthcouple, and this week, they became the elated parents of a second baby boy. We wish both couples peace and joy as their life’s path continues in a shared direction forwards. Blessings, all!
  2. Stork Central

    Baby Announcements 2020

    Sometimes, adoption plans made during pregnancy don’t result in placement... and sometimes, placement occurs later on, down the road. One toddler who was to have been placed but wasn’t bounced between homes and caregivers for a year and a half, before his birthmom elected to complete her initial plan to place. She chose a childless couple from our Hold On, Heather’s Here weekend of 5/19, for whom a toddler was always their first choice. We celebrate this new, improved family and the brave mama who made their destiny possible.
  3. Stork Central


  4. Stork Central

    Baby Announcements 2020

    A military mama who endured untold trauma did her best to care for her baby boy, but felt he was meant to have parents better prepared to meet his needs. She painstakingly made a loving plan to place him with a childless couple from our Hold On, Heather’s Here orientation of 5/19. They are grateful for her faith in them and their relationship is designed to forever assure him of their shared love for him and for each other.
  5. Stork Central


  6. Stork Central


    Robert & Amanda are Texas medical professionals who are excited about the possibility of becoming first-time parents through open adoption. If you want to get to know them, let Abrazo know, and we'll gladly put you in touch. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic baby of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since April 2020.)
  7. Stork Central


  8. Stork Central


    Matt & Heather long to become first-time parents through the miracle of open adoption, and to add a birthfamily to their forever family. (Seeking an Anglo &/or Hispanic baby of either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since December, 2019.)
  9. Stork Central


    Mark & Emily look forward to adopting for the first time and raising their new child to enjoy the four seasons in Minnesota. If you’d like to get to know them, Abrazo will gladly make the introductions! (Seeking an Anglo &/or Hispanic baby of either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since December, 2019.)
  10. Stork Central


    This San Antonio chef and doctor are excited to become first-time parents through open adoption, to raise a bilingual child and to visit Columbia often as a family. Let us introduce you, if you want to learn more! (Seeking an Anglo &/or Hispanic baby of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since January 2020.)
  11. Stork Central


    This returning couple is eager to grow their family with another open adoption at Abrazo. To speak with Derek & CRISTABEL in English ir Spanish, contact Abrazo! (Seeking an Anglo &/or Hispanic baby of either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since December 2029.)[/I]
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  13. Stork Central

    Baby Announcements 2020

    It's Abrazo's 26th year, and what better way to start the second week of the New Year than with a placement? (Especially one that was long-awaited?) This pair of againers from Missouri came back to adopt again a year ago, thinking they'd attend camp in lieu of orientation, but a failed adoption plan followed, and then months of waiting and then a cancelled orientation weekend, so they joined our What Brings You to This Conversation? November 2019 orientation, instead, and that did the trick, because the "right" match came up right afterwards! Their patience was definitely rewarded, and now, thanks to a loving birthmom who made her best choice on behalf of her family, their "forever family" has grown to include a beautiful baby girl and her birthfamily, too. Blessings, all!
  14. Stork Central

    Nursery Notes

    Recently, Abrazo has gotten several inquiries from prospective birthparents interested in placing African-American children ranging in age from 1-3... and we struggle to accommodate them, because their hope is to find their children homes where at least one family member will look like their little one, and the majority of our waiting families are either not African-American OR are seeking only infants. Please help spread the word that Abrazo is in need of racially-diverse adoptive families who are open to toddlers of either gender, who are homestudy-ready and committed to the concept of open adoption! Any interested prospective couples are welcome to call our family services coordinator, Amy Byrd, at 210-342-5683, or visit abrazo.org to learn more about our admissions process. Thank you!
  15. Stork Central

    Baby Announcements 2019

    We are delighted to announce that beloved againers from the Hold On, Heather's Here orientation group from May 2019 got The Call yesterday about a mother who'd delivered a baby at home and needed a family for him, so they happily abandoned whatever weekend plans they'd already made to travel north instead! The birthmom had originally had no intentions of choosing adoptive parents or doing an open adoption, but upon reviewing their profile, she realized she just had to meet them. and we're so glad she did! The son they now forever share will benefit from the friendship they're building, and that, in itself, seems to qualify this as a Christmas miracle. So happy for all of them, and especially, for their beautiful baby boy.