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  1. Abrazo’s first boy baby in months was Liam, whose four parents chose his name together. What better way to celebrate National Sons’ Day than by making two couples proud parents of newborn Johan? Blessings, all!
  2. This sweet San Antonio couple (and their dog) can’t wait to share their home with a new son or daughter. We’d love to introduce you to Mike & Regina, so call today! (Seeking a Hispanic or Anglo-Hispanic baby of either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since July 2021.)
  3. The mountains are their playground, and Tony & Liz can’t wait to share their love of Montana’s outdoors with their future child. Call Abrazo and we’ll happily introduce you. (Seeking a baby of any race and either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since August 2021.)
  4. This Virginia couple is so excited to become first-time parents, with the help of some very special birthparents! To learn more about Sri & Priya, just call Abrazo and we’ll gladly put you in touch. (Seeking a baby of any race and either gender.)
  5. The birthcouple were experienced parents who would’ve loved to raise another child, but for their circumstances. This adoptive couple had returned to Abrazo expecting to add a boy up to age 5 to their family of five. Yet God had other options in mind for both couples, and they united in love, becoming the forever family of a beautiful baby girl yesterday. Blessings, all!!
  6. Nathan & Grace began their family by adopting through Abrazo, and they believe in open adoption so much, they’re back again! (Seeking a boy of any race, up to the age of 5. Paper-ready & waiting since March 2021.)
  7. This childless couple hails from the Texas Hill Country and they dream of meeting that special person who will help make their parents through open adoption. (Seeking an Anglo & Hispanic newborn of either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since April 2021.)
  8. This well-traveled couple has chosen to make their home in Virginia and they dream of becoming parents through open adoption. (Seeking a Hispanic or biracial baby of either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since April 2021.)
  9. Sean & Michelle added a daughter and her birthmom to their family through Abrazo before and are eager to do so again. (Seeking a baby of any race and either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since March 2021.)
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