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  2. A young single mother of two already, she knew her limits, so when she found herself divorced and unexpectedly pregnant, she wanted a better life for the baby through open adoption. She chose the best parents she could for him, and this pandemic-era Crown Club couple truly welcomed her and all her children into their lives with open arms. We are overjoyed for all of them, and especially for the newborn son they now share.
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  4. The adoptive parents had endured a year-and-a-half long wait (and failed adoption plan) at another local adoption agency before coming to Abrazo. But a loving birthmother helped make their miracle possible, and this weekend, thanks to her (and to Abrazo’s staff, who gladly worked overtime) these pandemic-era Crown Club members became the proud parents of their first child, a beautiful male newborn. Blessings, all!
  5. This active, happy childless couple from Maryland is eager is to become parents through open adoption. To learn more about Tim & Kristin, let Abrazo put you in touch! (Seeking an infant of any race & either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since November, 2021.)
  6. This Kentucky sportscaster and his wife need a special birthparent in their team to help them become first-time parents. Allow Abrazo to make the introductions! (Seeking an Anglo &/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since December, 2021.)
  7. Jeff & Kristen did their first adoption through Abrazo, and they’ve proven to be such great parents, we’ve welcomed them back. To help their son become a big brother and to give your baby a loving home, why not allow us to put you in touch? (Seeking an Anglo or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since December 2021.)
  8. My heart is so happy! Darcy is our life and our joy!
  9. I tried to hang on to the words each birth mother used when describing how they chose us as the adoptive parents for her child. I wanted to keep that primary reason a keystone in our lives that would never, ever change, so that we would continue to be the people that we had conveyed ourselves as in our profile and during our first conversations. Our first birth mother noted that we were close with our extended families. She wanted her child to grow up around a great number of people who loved her and included her as their own - cousins, grandparents, and more. Our second birth moth
  11. Abrazo’s first boy baby in months was Liam, whose four parents chose his name together. What better way to celebrate National Sons’ Day than by making two couples proud parents of newborn Johan? Blessings, all!
  12. This sweet San Antonio couple (and their dog) can’t wait to share their home with a new son or daughter. We’d love to introduce you to Mike & Regina, so call today! (Seeking a Hispanic or Anglo-Hispanic baby of either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since July 2021.)
  13. The mountains are their playground, and Tony & Liz can’t wait to share their love of Montana’s outdoors with their future child. Call Abrazo and we’ll happily introduce you. (Seeking a baby of any race and either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since August 2021.)
  14. This Virginia couple is so excited to become first-time parents, with the help of some very special birthparents! To learn more about Sri & Priya, just call Abrazo and we’ll gladly put you in touch. (Seeking a baby of any race and either gender.)
  15. Welcome to Abrazo family....Lola, Zeinna, Lily
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