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    Baby Announcements 2019

    What a blessing for these boys!!
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    Baby Announcements 2019

    Sometimes, it's not newborns who most need a loving new home. This was surely the case for two little boys, whose mama called us a month or more, seeking a safe and stable home for her sons. She'd done what she could for them, but she and the boys' dad agreed these kids needed and deserved so much more than either birthparent could give them... and so Abrazo began searching the nation for a suitable home for these little ones. Meanwhile, an Alabama couple with plenty of love to offer had reached out to resources across the country, too, and by the grace of God, they all found each other through Abrazo. We wish these precious boys a lifetime of love-- and the certainty that their forever family truly will be there for them, forever. Blessings, all!
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    This sweet Tennessee couple already has done an open adoption, and they're so committed to the concept, they're ready to do it all again. If you want to learn more about them and their son (and his birthfamily,) call Abrazo and we'll gladly make an introduction. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic baby of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since February 2019.)
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    Nursery Notes

    Thank you! We are also now seeking homestudy-ready families who would be interested in adopting a four-and-a-half year old Anglo boy. Please submit profiles and homestudies to abyrd@abrazo.org if you'd like to be considered.
  9. melissamerritt

    Baby Announcements 2019

    Congrats to all!!
  10. TRACEB

    Baby Announcements 2019

    Congratulations to All that are now forever family.
  11. DPJ

    Baby Announcements 2019

    Boyz Rock! Praise!!
  12. Stork Central

    Baby Announcements 2019

    Two mothers who attend our birthmother supporr group both were contemplating adoption fir their baby boys. Each had two other children they were parenting on their own. Neither found their open adoption plans supported by their families. Yet both mothers found the support they were lacking at Abrazo, and both found the right families for their babies in Abrazo’s February 2019 orientation, #CmonTom. And now, both baby boys get to grow up with open adoption stories that can forever surround each of them with truth and light and love. So blessings, all. Your journeys have been entwined in the sweetest of ways, and we can’t wait to watch where each of your futures lead.
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    Nursery Notes

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    Baby Announcements 2018

    WoW that’s amazing! Welcome to the world
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    Baby Announcements 2018

    When a sweet mother in labor first contacted Abrazo a couple months ago, we didn’t know all the complications that lay ahead... but God did, and He surely had greater plans for this precious baby boy. After a national search for parents was launched, the birthmom found her son’s perfect parents in Iowa, and after attending our 2/19 orientation weekend, #CmonTom, plament is now complete! We wish this new forever family much joy in their merged life path... blessings, all.
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    Nursery Notes

    Abrazo is seeking a wonderful adoptive home for a 14-month-old Anglo girl with hydrocephalus who was a preemie. She does have a shunt already, but she's going to need a family with a lot of patience and optimism to help her reach her full potential. Her teen mom loves her dearly, and wants her to have a nurturing family who can provide her more stability, care and developmental guidance than she herself is able to offer. This will be an open adoption through Abrazo's special needs placement program, so infertility is not a required prerequisite for placement in this case. If you know a homestudy-ready family who might be interested, please have them forward their homestudy and adoption profile to our Family Services Coordinator, Amy Byrd (abyrd@abrazo.org.) Thanks, y'all!
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    Baby Announcements 2019

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    In Memoriam

    Thank you Abrazo! Missing Susan!
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    Baby Announcements 2019

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