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  1. Nicole in IA

    Baby Announcements 2017

  2. Nicole in IA

    Baby Announcements 2016

  3. Nicole in IA

    Prayer Requests

    That is wonderful Susan!!
  4. Nicole in IA

    Family Opposition?

    I am glad you have a supportive family- that means so much!! I think our families were uneducated about the adoption process and didn't want to see us hurt, which made them look unsupportive when we started our adoptive journey. But after almost 12 years, three daughters and a son they have came a long way!
  5. Nicole in IA

    Baby Announcements 2015

    Congratulations Ed and Georgia!
  6. Nicole in IA

    Baby Announcements 2015

    Congratulations Erin, Jeff, and big brother Riley! Girls are amazing!
  7. Nicole in IA

    In Memoriam

    We are so sorry to hear this. Bob was there for Bella and Gabby's finalization also and was always so friendly. We are thinking and praying for his family and friends.
  8. Nicole in IA

    Baby Announcements 2012

    Congratulations Kim and Gip! Baby Irie is so beautiful and you look so very happy, I am so very excited for you!
  9. Nicole in IA

    Age of adoptive parents

    That is exciting Leah! Brian was almost 42 and I was 37 when Kiera was placed with us. Although Kiera was 2 1/2 years when we took placement of her, it was a big adjustment for her and our family.
  10. Nicole in IA

    Speaking of "real parents"

    I have had people make insensitive comments pertaining to the girls that make me shake my head...All of those comments were meant to be somewhat of a compliment (I think) but it sure didn't sound like that to us. The best you can do is try to educate them as patiently as you can. Nicole
  11. Nicole in IA

    Baby Announcements 2012

    Congratulations Sherry & Michael! We are so happy for you! What a beautiful name!
  12. Nicole in IA

    Baby Announcements 2012

    So excited for you Kara, Josh, & Julie as you welcome the little boys into your family! Kiera and her firstmommy joined our family April 5th and it is wonderful to see her bond with our family and explore new things every day!
  13. Nicole in IA

    Baby Announcements 2012

    Thank you everybody! Keyheria Lynnette joined our family Thursday and we are so blessed! She has two very proud sisters! We have been very busy with our family, including Keyheira's birthmother, which is the reason why we didn't post sooner. We are just leaving for the Dallas Zoo, I will attempt to post pictures tonight so you all can so our family! Nicole
  14. Nicole in IA

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Congratulations Charu & Darshan! We are so very happy for you!
  15. Nicole in IA

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Congratulations Patty and Todd on the birth of baby Alejandro!