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  1. Happy Birthday, Sherrie! It's been awhile since you were on the Forum last, but I wanted you to know we miss you and we're hoping your birthday is extra special this year!

  2. stennison

    Baby Announcements 2007

    CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! I am so excited for yall.
  3. stennison

    Baby Announcements 2007

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so excited for yall. What a beautiful little girl. Get ready Marcello she will have you wrapped around her little finger in no time.
  4. stennison

    Baby Announcements 2006

  5. stennison

    Church Chat

    Great Idea !!
  6. stennison

    Baby Announcements 2006

    CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!! Enjoy every minute! Times goes by way to quickly!
  7. stennison

    Baby Announcements 2006

    Cliff & Allison I am so happy for yall. Last year we too booked our vacation and had to cancel 4 weeks before. Brenli is way better than the Bahamas. Enjoy your baby boy you waited a LONG time.
  8. stennison

    Baby Announcements 2006

    CONGRATULATIONS Dan & Erica and little Danny, It sounds like we missed alot by not going to camp. I am so very happy for your family. Take Care and enjoy your new little blessing.
  9. stennison

    Baby Announcements 2006

    OH MY GOSH !!!!!!!!!! Wow I am so excited for you guys. I can't wait to hear all about it....
  10. stennison

    Coming Back Through

    Hey Lisa, I just wanted to tell you about our expierence the second time around. As you know we have a son (Dylan) who is 8 and Brenli is now 1. Dylan's birthmother passed away 2 years ago in April and the hardest thing for me with our very open adoption with Brenli's birth family is Dylan. He once told me he didn't want Brenli's birthmom to visit anymore because he gets sad that he can't see his birthmom. I just told him that wouldn't be fare to Brenli and told him that Brenli's birthfamily love him very much too. Lisa (birth grandmother) wrote Dylan a letter asking him to adopt her as his mammaw as well. This way he and Brenli both call her mammaw. It has helped so much. I think Dylan thinks of Lauren(Brenli's BP) as a big sister. Dylan has not expressed anymore concerns since that one time. I still get sad when I think of the relationship I will never have with Dylan's BP. I miss her so much, I can't imagine how it would be to know she is alive and not be able to share all the wonderful things about her child as you do with Kaleigh. The second time around is alot different. Elizabeth always told me it would be and she was right(as usual). I am so grateful for Brenli's birth family they mean so much to us. Good luck.
  11. stennison

    Baby Announcements 2006

    YEAH Chad & Jean, I have been thinking of yall and praying. I am so excited to hear the great news. Congratulations!!!!!
  12. stennison

    Baby Announcements 2006

    Tony & Donna, Ethan is so adorable. I know yall are so proud of him. Best Wishes.
  13. stennison

    Baby Announcements 2006

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Little girls are so much fun!!
  14. stennison

    Baby Announcements 2006

    Terlyn & Jose - It is so good to hear from you. Anamarie is soooo beautiful. How are you guys doing? How is work going and everything else in your busy life? Please keep in touch. Are yall going to Camp this year? I would love to see more of the dandy dozen there this year. Anyway keep us posted on your beautiful daughter. Take Care
  15. stennison

    Baby Announcements 2006

    Kenneth & Mary - I am so excited for yall. Our group is now complete. I know you are so thrilled to have your little baby boy. Enjoy every minute. May God continue to bless your family. I can't wait to see pictures.