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  1. Nic & Dinorah had such a positive experience with the open adoption of their son through Abrazo, they’re ready to do it again! (Seeking an Anglo &/or Hispanic baby of either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since November, 2023.)
  2. Zach & Amy are doting dog parents who are ready to love and nurture a human baby, and they’re looking forward to welcoming a very special birthfamily into their lives, too. (Seeking an Anglo &/or Hispanic baby of either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since October 2023.)
  3. This childless Texas couple is so ready to become a father and mother through open adoption; let us make an introduction, if you’d like to learn more? (Seeking an infant of Anglo &/or Hispanic descent and either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since October, 2023.)
  4. James & Taylor fell in love as an Australian and an American so they look forward to introducing their future child to the best of both nations. (Seeking an infant of any race and either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since September, 2023.)
  5. Lee & Whitney adopted through Abrazo before and their son’s birthmom can vouch for what great parents they are. Find out for yourself why open adoption with them is a great choice! (Seeking an Anglo &/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since 10/23.)
  6. Jim & Tamara are a jetsetting Virginia couple who look forward to raising the child they adopt to be a citizen of the world. If this fits your dreams for your baby, let us put you in touch? (Seeking a baby of any race and either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since 9/23.)
  7. Brian & Mindy are fun-loving New Mexico couple who are eager to add a second child to their home, and they’re not just looking for a baby, either. Want to get to know them? Call Abrazo. (Seeking a toddler or child of any race and either gender.)
  8. Abrazo is currently seeking profiles and homestudies for adoptive families who are open to a 5-year-old biracial boy who is hoping for adoptive parents who can provide him the bonus of a brother. Contact Amy at Abrazo if interested in additional info.
  9. Having adopted their son Liam through Abrazo, Wes & Rachel so love being parents, they’re ready to adopt again. Open adoption is something important to them, so if this is something that matters to you, too, call Abrazo to get to know them. (Seeking a baby of any race and either gender; paper-ready & waiting since May 2023.)
  10. Heidi & Adam are a childless San Antonio couple who are eager to become first-time parents (and who promise to always have plenty of bedtime stories at the ready!) Call Abrazo to learn more. (Paper-ready and waiting since May 2023. Seeking a baby of any race and either gender.)
  11. Here's the update, friends... our program continues to see adoptive families with children placing much more slowly than the average childless couples (particularly Texas couples without kids) so please bear with us! At present, our program is most in need of infertile couples with no children who are racially-open and also those who reside in Texas. We do welcome out-of-state childless couples (but are finding that prospective birthparents have be apprehensive about those couples' willingness to return to Texas for at least annual visits in the post-adoption years.) Families with children who are seeking to adopt older children (ages 3 and above) and Abrazo's esteemed Againers (returning Abrazofolk) get priority on our placement program waiting list as space permits, as long as they are in good standing and are open to children of diverse backgrounds. Have questions? Please call! 210-342-5683
  12. Abrazo staff sought to reach a family who has not kept up with annual reports, at the request of the child's birthmother, and we were sorry to learn of the death of adoptive mother Trisha Stewart... https://www.echovita.com/us/obituaries/va/spotsylvania/trisha-m-stewart-7962004 We extend our overdue condolences to the family, and hope her husband will respond to our messages and offer their child's birthfamily a much-needed update.
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