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  1. Abrazo’s greatest need at present is still for childless couples who are racially-open, and for Texans. If you don’t fall into these categories, you ARE still welcome to submit the AP inquiry form that can be downloaded from our website (and we hope you do!) We may not be able to admit or match or place you as quickly, but we want you to know our program needs upfront, so that you can begin the process with realistic expectations.
  2. This happy SC couple can’t wait to become parents for the first time through open adoption. (Seeking an infant of any race except Asian, and either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since 3/22.)
  3. Josh & Cara live in Colorado. He’s a student, and she speaks fluent Spanish. They look forward to becoming first-time parents through open adoption. (Seeking an Anglo &/or Hispanic or biracial infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since 3/22.)
  4. Mark & Emily are a MN couple who have honored their open adoption promises and are excited to be returning to Abrazo to hopefully adopt their son’s newborn birthsibling soon.
  5. Devon & Julie adopted their son through Abrazo a few years ago and they’re looking forward to adopted another baby. To learn more about them, contact Abrazo. (Seeking an African-American and Anglo or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since March 2022.)
  6. She didn't choose adoption, but here's a current story about what experts call "cryptic pregnancy"... click here.
  7. Abrazo had no waiting families open to sibling groups this month, so the agency reached out to others and was grateful when a former AbrazoMom help led introduce us to a homestudy-ready Texas couple who shared the birthmom’s desire for open adoption. After weeks of getting to know each other and preplacement visits, the birthfamily and adoptive family made the decision to become forever family, giving two sisters the best of both worlds… blessings, all!
  8. Tyler & Angela live in central Texas and they and their son are eager to expand their family through open adoption. Tyler is working on a doctorate in archaeology, and Angela is a former special education teacher. (Seeking a sibling group of any race. Paper-ready and waiting since February 2022.)
  9. Here's the latest update--- Abrazo has been VERY conservative in its admissions practices throughout the Covid pandemic, and as a result, we are in urgent need of * childless couples with racially-open placement preferences, * Hispanic and/or African-American adoptive couples, * parents seeking to adopt noninfants, and/or * applicants living in Texas who are ready for open adoption. Visit abrazo.org/hoping-to-adopt to learn more about Abrazo's placement program and to download the AP Inquiry (preapplication) form that's needed to get the process started. Have
  10. They didn't get to return for another orientation weekend, due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, and they waited for more than a year to get back into Abrazo's program, since they already had a child... but the Good Lord always gets His timing right, and sure enough, when these againers were readmitted, they were just in time. An expectant mom due within a month found herself in need of just the right family for her baby girl, and she found them within the ranks of Abrazo's Crown Club. Their plans to meet prior to the due date were foiled by a delivery that happened unexpectedly, but they're all
  11. Greg & Emily love their life in Tennessee, but the one thing that's missing is a child, and they hope a very special birthfamily in Texas can help them change that, through open adoption. To get to know Greg & Emily (and to find out why it's virtually impossible for them to ever take a bad photo!) contact Abrazo and we'll make the introductions. (Seeking an infant of either gender and any race. Paper-ready and waiting since February 2022.)
  12. This Texas high school music teacher and physician are so ready to embrace open adoption and become loving first-time parents! To get to know more about Grant & Yasmin, just contact Abrazo and we'll gladly put you in touch. (Seeking an infant of either gender and any race. Paper-ready and waiting since November 2021.)
  13. A young single mother of two already, she knew her limits, so when she found herself divorced and unexpectedly pregnant, she wanted a better life for the baby through open adoption. She chose the best parents she could for him, and this pandemic-era Crown Club couple truly welcomed her and all her children into their lives with open arms. We are overjoyed for all of them, and especially for the newborn son they now share.
  14. The adoptive parents had endured a year-and-a-half long wait (and failed adoption plan) at another local adoption agency before coming to Abrazo. But a loving birthmother helped make their miracle possible, and this weekend, thanks to her (and to Abrazo’s staff, who gladly worked overtime) these pandemic-era Crown Club members became the proud parents of their first child, a beautiful male newborn. Blessings, all!
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