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  1. is still researching ideas for a video.

  2. Amy, I just have to say, your birthparents have much to be proud of, because you are an amazing woman and we are delighted to call you part of our Family here at Abrazo. Happy May Day, my friend!

  3. I am surprised that you guys don't need a severe bleaching at the end of a day with these kinds of calls.
  4. Amy, thank you sooo much for finding us on the forum and for sharing yourself with us all. You really are an angel to me, in the most profound way - I will never forget you!!!

  5. That is why when someone asks about agencies, I do mention Abrazo. Isn't a state law here in Texas only agencies and attorneys do adoptions?
  6. I had heard about this pathologist. He inflicted so much harm. Sadly this is happening more and more. Especially when there is financial motivation in some of these areas including the United States. I think it was Tennessee or Kentucky that had this issue. In the U.K., its pretty rampant. In fact, on one of the forums that I am on, the U.K. Representative that is trying to stop these kind of things recently joined. We all thought it was just a fluke but it is him. What is really sad is that there are folks that should have their children taken. I know that there was two cases in
  7. As an adoptee, I just can't bring myself to ask how much my parents paid for me. I will say that it makes me feel icky. You have explained many things to me. I will read this thread over again when I am not so exhausted.
  8. When I was in junior high, we had a family friend's daughter get pregnant. I remember it well because I got both talks at the same time. For whatever reason, it severely disturbed my adoptive mother. My amom in her goofy wisdom contacted this old family friend. She answered for her daughter. They placed a note in the file to never contact them. In my travels over the internet I hope that he never contacts me. She had a son. I don't want to be the one to tell him that his birthmother's family doesn't want him around. I have tried to convince my mother that she may not have had a choic
  9. We had that issue come up at the Vernon State Hospital. I quit because I couldn't handle how these women would have been treated. One of the reasons at least. Security at the hospital was filled with racists and sexists. Another story all together. I had a bad experience with a doctor in Wichita Falls. Treated me badly. I had to take a patient to this doctor. Knowing that this fool delivered these children really scares me too. We have no environment for which these women were taught to care for their children. I think about what this kind of thing might have done to their already f
  10. This scares me. We already have how many mothers and fathers fighting for the right to raise their own children. I know of at least eleven cases going on right now. What about the ones that we don't know about? There is going to be a real push on women who are pregnant and single. There are tons of agencies out there that are very unscrupulous. LDS Social Services and others come to mind. In fact I know one attorney out of Florida, Patricia Stowbridge. She has a yahoo message board or msn board that her staff monitors for young women looking to place and she contacts them. How many ot
  11. Glad you have found your way to the Abrazo forum! I look forward to reading your posts. Welcome!!!

  12. "Mom, They aren't my birthbrother and birthsister, they are my brother and sister." That was how I was raised. My adoptive parents got divorced when I was five. My mother remarried years later and he adopted me and my sisters. Then they had a child together. My mother laid down the law when we were little. There is no steps in our family. When I found out that I had a older sister and two brothers. I told my sisters that we had an older sister and two younger brothers. No birth, step, adopted. Nothing. They are family.
  13. Welcome Amy! So glad you joined us here! I look forward to your insights.

  14. Amy we're so glad to have your voice on our forum! Please keep posting and include a link to that fabulous blog of yours!

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