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    Our house is full of laughter nowadays (and occasional fussing)! A and M are the center of our universe...we wouldn't have it any other way! We thank God and Abrazo for our little miracles!!!


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  1. Happy May Day! Have a wonderful day!!

  2. I am always so excited to see new posts on this thread! The Stork sure has been busy lately. God is good! Congratulations to all the new families. The fun is just beginning!!!
  3. Mandy...that is wonderful news! God is good. I hope you and your Daddy sleep easier tonight with him in his own bed!
  4. Welcome to the world, little Thomas! Congratulations to the newest family~~ (using lots of color and smileys to show how excited I am )
  5. Oh, I hope you guys will go to Orientation. Not only is it super informative, but you will have a blast and make some life long friends. I have thought many times..."wish I could go back!". We would love to adopt again. Maybe in a few years...we'll see!
  6. what a beautiful family! congratulations on your bundle of pink!!!
  7. Elaine


    Tracey, I am grinning from ear to ear for you! Isn't it exciting? Abrazo's saying is it's "not if, but when" and they mean it!!! We have plans this weekend already, but after that we are free! We would love to meet you in person too. Lots of folks read more at the beginning and post less. Whatever works for you! The forum is a wealth of information. Soak it up. But let me say...everyone is anxious to get to know you and help answer questions you may have. So post when you feel comfortable. Welcome! It really is like a big family. Love, E p.s. Have you checked out the gallery??? What about all of those GORGEOUS kids!!!!
  8. Mick and I really thought we would adopt from China. It was never to avoid open adoption (as I had never even heard of open adoption). We just felt like that was where God wanted us to go. It hurts me how in China they place such low value on their females. And I also thought bringing a child out of a communist country would be wonderful. When we decided to send our application into Abrazo it was b/c God really spoke to my heart. It just felt like a good fit. I am thankful every day that we went with our hearts! It makes me very sad to know that some go overseas to avoid birthparents! That is crazy to me!!! I hope some are going overseas b/c of their heart and not to avoid their child's birthfamily.
  9. Elaine


    YAY, TRACEB!!!! I am sooo excited for you. We have got to get together!!! I enjoyed talking to ya on the phone, but I want to meet you in person. Hope to see you soon. Hugs, Elaine
  10. I don't plan on telling my child that there were adoption fees unless they point blank ask. I am like every other adoptive Mother...each of my children are priceless. You can not put a price on their head. Whatever fee I paid in no way determines their value. To be honest...I don't even know exactly what fee we paid for Makayla. It is something I do not dwell on. And I do not want her to dwell on it either. sidenote: Angel being a foster child became ours with virtually no fees (minus the attorney we hired trying to expedite the process). If "price" in the minds of some is directly related to the child's value....then what would that say to our precious Angel?
  11. Congratulations, Jean! What an accomplishment!
  12. My Mom and Mickey are both only children. Both have complained on more than one occassion how lonely they felt growing up and how it is more difficult even as an adult when all of the responsibility and expectations fall on you as an only child. On the other hand I know a couple of people who love being only children and were very glad t ohave their Mom and Dad all to themself. So...I think having a second child should come from the parents longing more than the childs. I agree with Lindsey...I think God puts the desire for children in our heart. WIth Makayla...I truly felt a sense of urgency! That is all you can call it...urgency! We droppped our plans to adopt internationally, submitted our paperwork in Jan, went to Orientation in March, and got Makayla in April. At the time when I was having those urgent feelnigs I did not know about Makayla. Of course, God put those urgent feelings in my heart, and He knew every inch of Makayla! It all made sense...the way the feelings came so suddenly and persisted. Without that divine "urgency" we would not have Makayla today. Our story is different than most with our second adoption. As most of you know Angel is Makayla's older bio sis. We adopted Angel out of foster care. I did not have a sense of urgency after we got Makayla. I knew I wanted more than one child, but I was in no rush. Doting on Makayla and tending to her needs filled my heart. We got the call that Angel was legally available for adoption only 9 months after we brought Makayla home. Up until that time I had no urgent feelings, BUT when I got that call...I got busy. That sense of "I gotta bring my child home" kicked in and I worked every day as hard as possible to make that happen. If any of you have ever tried to adopt across state lines from CPS...you know the nightmare it is!!! 8 months later our second blessing was home! I think Makayla would make an awful only child. And I really think Angel would make a better only child! So...I think each parent must follow their heart. Your child will not be scarred for life if they are an only child. There are pros and cons to both. But if you get that itch...more than an itch...that sense of urgency in your heart....then you just know! That is your answer!!! p.s. As crazy as it is...and as full as my plate is...I have a feeling we will parent at least one more child. Call me crazy!!!
  13. Congratulations, Briton, on your new baby sister!!! God is sooo good!
  14. Welcome to the world, sweet baby boy! Congratulations to the proud Mama, Papa, and Big Sister Camille!!!
  15. Little Ella Grace is a beauty! Congratulations to her loving family.
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