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    Zinnia's<br>Reading, shopping, spending time w/husband,friends,family, crafts, my job, movies, theatre, music, dog, laughing<br><br>Abel's <br>spending time w/wife,friends,family, movies, bbq, cooking, dog, making my wife laugh (she laughs loud!)
  1. thank you so much for all of your kinds words and words of encouragement. i truly do get encouraged more and more everytime i read up in here. family and friends and even people i just meet have been so hurtful when it came to infertility. my mother still doesn't get it that i'm not making her a grandma on purpose and that its all a medical mess. aunts and cousins think i'm not having chidlren because i won't stop trying to get ahead (i'm still in school getting my masters) and start thinking of family. i have tried to educate them all about infertility and now i see that i am going t
  2. hello, all! my name is zinnia and i am 27yrs old and hubby's name is abel and he's 30yrs old. i am a 4th grade teacher, working on my master's in education and he's a nurse's aid working on his nursing degree as well. we are both originally from corpus christi, texas but a year ago we moved to san antonio. we love this city!! we have been ttc for 3yrs (going on 4) and it has been an emotional roller coaster to say the least. infertility in general can be a heartache and on top of having to deal with that we had to deal with incorrect information from doctors, losing friends, insensitiv
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