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  1. Sending out loving thoughts and big 'ole hugs to Meg, today and always! Not because of what she's done but because of who she is; one bright, beautiful, loving woman who's got a great future ahead of her, just waiting to be unfolded in God's perfect time!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day Meg!!! To a very special mother who sure has touched my life in a way I never could have expected :)

  3. Meg-

    We love to see your updated pics. Thanks for sharing.:)

  4. Welcome to the Forum. Hope to see you posting soon.

  5. Welcome Meg - Communication Major - you go girl! Can't wait to hear ( or read) what you have to say!

  6. Yay Meg!!! You found your way to the forum - so glad you did!!! You're among friends here :) and LOVE the photo - woo hoo!

  7. Welcome Meg! (Love your forum name.)

  8. Hey, you gorgeous thang!!! So glad you joined the Forum! Visit often and post much... like a big 'ole family sitting around the kitchen table, everyone's got something to say and we can't wait to hear from you!

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