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  1. Awww Mari, the wonder and miracle of it ALL. I am sure it seems like only yesterday, the memory of her special birth day (and days leading up to it) still perfect in your mind! It all worked out, against so many odds. God is good. Everything went according to His plan, special people were in your life as they needed to be, for your daughter, as well as your grand daughter. Thank you for sharing your miracle(s)!!
  2. I am sad to hear this news. He was a very nice attorney.
  3. Hopefully it's not too serious. And gives you peace of mind to know why and how to remedy your dizziness. Karen
  4. Awww...another awesome photo in the gallery! congratulations to all.
  5. So happy for Stephen and Teri! What a whirlwind of family planning, all is beautiful and perfectly timed.
  6. Every so often I stroll through the gallery of parents-in-waiting (to remember those days, those dreams, myself). I'm never surprised to see the best folks in the world find their way to Abrazo. I know this is not by accident, as Abrazo has many outreach efforts all over the United States from former clients, which IS the BEST referral of all. And Abrazo's selection and education process is extremely thorough, as it should be. For expectant families who are searching their options, wanting the best for their precious child/children, the profiles in the gallery offer hope that you have found a safe place. So happy there is a way for two worlds to become one, through adoption, through Abrazo, through this forum. Thinking of each of you as you wait. I pray patiently (with you) about how much your lives are about to change...the Abrazo way! Peace, Karen
  7. Waiting and remaining faithful has the best outcomes! Two families brought together by a loving determination to not let disappointments get in the way. Karen
  8. Such a wonderful announcement (and photo)! Congratulations!
  9. Mari, Happy Anniversary! Celebrate those silver streaks (me too), I call them parenting stripes! We've earned them! LOL. Have a great day. Karen
  10. Staying positive with you (and for you Mari). Peace, Karen
  11. Hi Katie and Matt. I can feel the excitement about your decision to apply. I hope it all works out, that Abrazo is a good fit for your family. In the meantime, feel free to read and post on the forum and gain as much information as possible. Adoption journeys usually have many peaks and valleys, hang in there! It will all be worth it. Karen
  12. Matt and Katie, Just uploaded pictures from our annual Camp Abrazo weekend. You can view all of the photos in the gallery under Camp Abrazo 2013, to get a glimpse of what this agency is about...Family. Best of luck as you try to decide which way to go! My Abrazo Babes are 17 and 12. Our wait was under a year both times, with 1 failed placement in between. Our family is exactly the way it's meant to be. Adoption is a complete leap of faith, follow your heart, educate yourself on the risks and gain strength in knowing you will find "who" is looking for you, at exactly the right time. I know you'll get feedback from more recent families who have gone through the program. Karen
  13. I agree Ellen, it really is sad, the tragedy of her early death compounded by close family relations being severed (for whatever reasons). I read through the comments on the announcement link Elizabeth first posted, which gives a glimpse into her life prior to and at the time of her death. Life is Just Too Short. Karen
  14. Thanks to all three generations of parents in the Adams family who are making a difference, in the lives of our children. I agree that education is an important way to give back to society. Thanks for sharing this news. Karen
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