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  1. HeidiK

    A Birth Grandmother's Role

    keeping you both close to my heart in prayer
  2. HeidiK

    Baby Announcements 2015

    welcome with love and peacefulness
  3. HeidiK

    Baby Announcements 2015

    may youalways be happy and healthy
  4. HeidiK

    Baby Announcements 2014

    what a beautiful answer
  5. HeidiK

    Baby Announcements 2014

    may these two sweet babies feel the love from far and near
  6. HeidiK

    Baby Announcements 2014

    may this be an unbreakable bond
  7. HeidiK

    Baby Announcements 2014

  8. HeidiK

    A Birth Grandmother's Role

    that hurts my heart - RIP sweet baby
  9. HeidiK

    Baby Announcements 2014

    blessings and love for all
  10. HeidiK

    Waiting: The Sequel

    Hang in there Merae - having a schedule makes me feel more committed and in control. Waiting was harder the second time around - my bio clock was like a bomb blast everyday. And i wasn't matched for almost 2 yrs with my original agency. I feel your pain!
  11. HeidiK

    In Memoriam

    Prayers for all
  12. HeidiK

    In Memoriam

    Prayers for Bob's family as they celebrate his wonderful life and all of his accomplishments
  13. HeidiK

    Celebrity Adoptions

    love it!
  14. HeidiK

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Ahhh Hope. Beautiful beginnings and a prayer for a lifetime of love and health
  15. HeidiK

    Baby Announcements 2014

    love and prayers for all that God has joined together