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  1. Happy birthday Jada :)

  2. My God is mighty to save :)

  3. I am a South Carolina girl myself. Born and raised in Charleston, SC. Didn't leave there until I was 30 years old. Still love it! So glad that you are on the forum with us.

  4. Hi Mari! Welcome to the forum! I'm Lindsay, Jada's birthdaughter. I have only been on the forum for a little while now and I have found that it has really helped me to actually say how I feel and read the responses from everyone. It has helped me get through some tuff things and I'm sure it will help you too. The people on the forum are great! They are so kind and very supportive. So please feel free to vent whenever you want. I hope you find comfort here and get all of your questions answered and maybe even find out a little more about yourself along the way. =] You never know how
  5. You are SUCH a cutie Lindsay!!! I love your new profile pics you put here :-D

  6. Lindsey, I am glad you are here! Here's a big welcoming (((HUG))) for you.


  7. What do you mean by look at the top row?

  8. Hi there Lindsay! Welcome to the forum - I'm Lisa, a birthparent who recently found my daughter who I placed in a closed adoption 20 yrs ago - her name is Joanna and I hope she'll join the forum soon too - soooo glad you're here...

  9. I knew I could find this, somewhere.... check you out, girl! Top row, left hand corner! How you've grown!! :)

  10. Welcome, Lindsay! Wow! Remembering the baby you were not so very long ago, it's hard to believe you're grown up enough to be registering for the Forum already, but you definitely are! and we're so glad to have you here. Make yourself at home, and jump in anywhere! Your input is definitely welcome! Hugs.

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