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At Abrazo, we are people of faith. (How could we not be, given the miracles we see happen every week?) Regardless of each of our individual belief systems, as a community, we know that it is by a power greater than our own that these miracles are made possible. It is not by sheer coincidence that such extraordinary birthparents and adoptive families find their way to Abrazo (and subsequently, to each other). It is not merely by science nor social work that our little ones are blessed with such legacies of love. It is by providence that these precious destinies occur, and it is that same source of grace which guides us throughout the years following the entrustment of each child to adoption.

Our Prayer Chain is a support network composed of Abrazo’s friends and families who voluntarily commit themselves to uphold the needs of our greater adoption community in prayer. They are very special to us all. Should you wish to join their mission, please drop us a note and we’ll add you to this special team, so you will receive monthly chapel updates. Should you have a prayer request, please share it below and find peace in knowing it is being lifted to heaven by many, with love.

(And please, keep Abrazo and our prayer chain in your thoughts and prayers, as well.)

I / we ask for prayers of

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 guidance  thanksgiving  support  healing

 for myself / ourselves and / or

for my / our  child/ren  birthparent/s  adoptive family  relatives  friend/s

or  other (please specify: )

for / because (specify in general detail the cause or need to be prayed for):

 Please post my prayer request on the Abrazo Forum bulletin board
(personally identifying information will be removed before posting)


“Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find…
knock and the door shall be opened unto you…”

Matthew 21:22