Camp Abrazo


Held every summer at the Mayan Dude Ranch in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Camp Abrazo is our annual national reunion. A joyous gathering of over a hundred birthfamilies, adoptive parents and children (and other relatives, too!) from all over the country, Camp Abrazo is a time to celebrate adoption and family.

From the cowboy breakfasts cooked over a campfire to the outdoor family barbecue to the Golden Binkies’ Awards Brunch on closing day… from the horseback riding to Oreo the Longhorn to the goodie bags and the raffle to the candlelight ceremony in honor of birthparents, Camp Abrazo is a weekend to remember!

It’s a time for kids to hang out with other kids whose life stories all share a common first chapter. It’s a time for adoptive parents to catch up with old friends from orientation weekends past. It’s a time for birthparents to revel in their children’s progress and to renew their rapport with their children’s families. And it’s a time for Abrazo’s staff to marvel at the fruits of our labor, and to proudly commend our alumni for talking the talk and walking the walk.

Camp Abrazo is sponsored by the agency, and hosted by our Family Council, made up of dedicated area alumni who work hard to make this reunion a glorious tribute to all the members of the greater Abrazo community. Muchas gracias to all who contribute to Camp Abrazo’s success, year after year!

Space is limited, so make your ranch reservations today: call the Mayan Dude Ranch in Bandera, TX at (830) 796-3312. (Or look them up online, at Just tell ’em you’re with Abrazo and you’re coming to Camp this year! And rest assured, they’ll take it from there.

For more information on Camp Abrazo, as well as our other special events, such as Parents of Tomorrow orientation weekends and birthparent gatherings, please contact us.