Abrazo is blessed to be supported by an extraordinary group of people whose lives have touched (and been touched by) Abrazo over the years.

The very nicest of our alumni stay in close contact with Abrazo not because they have to, but because they’ve made it their mission to continue their support of our adoption community for the sake of the children they love.

These are people who make it a point to hold regional gatherings throughout the year in their own locales… and who volunteer to speak on the agency’s Birthparents & Adoptive Parents’ Panel at orientation weekends… and who faithfully support Abrazo’s Angel Account, giving of themselves throughout the year…

  They’re the folks who make it a priority to get their families together to meet in the summer at Camp Abrazo… and who exchange ideas and news in the forums, photo galleries and chat rooms of the Abrazo Forum and on Abrazo’s public and private Facebook groups.

 They tend to be those who look for opportunities to help others in Abrazo’s program who may be struggling or in need of encouragement… and they go the extra mile to care for others, just because.

They help make miracles happen for others who are less fortunate through their mentorship, through the donated Christmas stockings they lovingly construct for needy birthsiblings of children placed during the year, through their service on Abrazo’s Board of Directors, and through their loyal support of Abrazo’s staff   and they keep storming Heaven as part of the prayer chain at our online Chapel.

 Come be a part of our amazing community here at Abrazo… “family” truly doesn’t get any better than this, and all are welcome.