About Abrazo


207744_138224729582770_100001857325847_253442_8260521_nAbrazo Adoption Associates is a private, nonprofit child-placement agency serving the needs of birthparents, children and adopting parents nationwide. Licensed by the State of Texas, Abrazo specializes in open adoptions, in which the agency, birthparents and adopting parents work together to make loving plans for their childrens’ futures. Call us anytime, at 210/342-5683 (or 1-800-454-5683 in Texas and surrounding states.)

Let’s be honest: for far too long, adoption agencies have been known for taking over peoples’ lives, judging them by outdated standards and depriving folks of control over their own destinies. At Abrazo, we’re working to change that–to educate, encourage and support our clients as they make their own best decisions. It’s help you can trust, because you deserve the best.

About Our Staff

AbrazoChicksFor our faithful staff, adoption isn’t just a job, it’s our mission. And the people we work for aren’t just our clients, they’re also our friends. That’s why we put our hearts and souls into what we do for them. (For you.) Because we know it matters. We like to think that we are blessed with the best birthparents and the best adopting families, and the proof is in the happy, healthy faces of the precious children entrusted to our care.

Who are we? We’re adoption professionals who also happen to be mothers, daughters, friends. We hold a range of educational qualifications from Master’s degrees and Bachelor’s degrees to advanced degrees in real life. Any given week finds our staff running across a deserted airport at midnight, witnessing miracles in hospital delivery rooms across the state, comforting nervous clients by phone in the wee morning hours, changing baby diapers at our desks, rocking weary children to sleep… We come from an assortment of backgrounds, but we share a common bond, a heartfelt commitment. From preacher’s daughter to adoptee, from birthmom to bilingual, from the Southwest to the Midwest and beyond, we’ve brought a variety of adoption-related experience and family-oriented gifts to our vocation and to Abrazo.

And most importantly, we truly love what we do.

About Our Programs & Events

In addition to quality placement services, we offer a number of programs and events designed to support our clients before and after placement. From Parents of Tomorrow weekends to the Abrazo-Mitchard Birthparent Scholarship Fund and the Abrazo/Wilkins Scholarship Fund for Adoptees & Birthsiblings, from the Abrazo Adoption Institute series to the Angel Account (a charity program which aids those with special needs in and after the adoption process) and our annual dude ranch reunion, we do our best to advocate for and enhance the community of adoption. WingOur birthparent sorority, Persona Grata, facilitates ongoing support and peer counseling for our beloved network of birthparent alumni wherever they are. And our groups on and , as well as our agency newsletter, “Affinity,” keep the greater Abrazo family and affiliated professionals informed of opportunities and developments and connected with each other.

We know there’s no shortage of adoption resources out there. And we know our program isn’t necessarily the right one for everyone. We’re glad you’re checking out your options, and we wish you Godspeed in your journey, wherever it takes you. “Abrazo” is a Spanish word which means “hug or embrace” and this is, truly, what we’re about.

Because at Abrazo, we care about children– and the people who care about them.