Adoption Resources


For birthparents:

American Pregnancy: Unplanned Conceptions
Birthmom Buds
Developmental Stages: Adopted Childrens’ Changing Views
Open Adoption Support
Recommendations for Parents Considering Placing
Texas Voluntary Adoption Registry

For adoptive parents:

Adoption Learning Partners Online Workshops
Adoptive Families magazine
Developmental Stages: Adopted Childrens’ Changing Views
Childrens’ Understanding of Adoption
Open Adoption Support
Adoptive Parents for Justice in Adoption
Parenting In The Eye of the Storm: Navigating the Teen Years

For people seeking adoption alternatives:

Texas Paternity Registry
Texas Child Support
Saving Our Sisters
Kinship Care
Foster Care


For children who were once adopted:

Kids Express: Circle of Feelings about Adoption
Adoption Clubhouse
Open Adoption Support
Eight Questions Every Adopted Teen Wants Answered

For adults who were once adopted:

Loss, Belonging & Strengthening Families
American Adoption Congress
Bastard Nation
Betty Jean Lifton on Being Adopted
Texas Voluntary Adoption Registry

For everyone touched by adoption:

Using Respectful Adoption Language
Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute
Tapestry Books
Adoption Information Gateway
Texas Childcare Search

For those visiting San Antonio and/or the Great State of Texas

Visit San Antonio
TX waiting child listings
Travel Texas
Homesick Texan: Recipes
Texasisms: A Glossary of Texas-Speak