Adopting A Child

At Abrazo, we get where you’re coming from…

Adopting a baby is one of the most exciting and most overwhelming of life experiences (short of surviving fertility treatments, that is!) At Abrazo, we know that. We also know that for couples who have endured documented infertility and grieved those losses, pursuing adoption means graduating from “needing to have a biological child” to “wanting to be a parent” and we congratulate you, if you’ve already gained that perspective. That’s the first step towards adopting successfully.

At Abrazo, we’ve helped over a thousand families adopt successfully, most within 6-12 months (or less.) Abrazo works with couples who are over the age of 25, have been legally-married for more than a year, cannot conceive by any known means, are financially-sound and emotionally-stable, and who are willing to commit to fully-open adoptions, for their child’s best interests.

Abrazo believes in full-disclosure open adoptions, in which the parents exchange identifying information and stay in touch over the child’s lifetime, because we believe this is best for children, promoting healthy adoption adjustment and identity formation. Granted, not every prospective adopter likes this idea, nor our stringent standards and high expectations for the clients that we serve, but Abrazo’s commitment to the best interests of the children we place requires no less of us. (You’ll thank us, someday.)

Many prospective adoptive parents approach the process with fear or apprehension, mistaking “open adoption” for “co-parenting.” Relax! The expectant parents who come to Abrazo to make adoption plans are looking for real parents for the children they’re placing– not babysitters. (Contrary to the worst of made-for-TV movies, they wouldn’t dream of showing up for dinner without an invitation!) Most of Abrazo’s placing parents are between the ages of 20 and 40; 25% are first time parents, 25% are married couples, and over 50% are already parenting other children. Most aren’t placing because they can’t parent, but because they want so much more for their child/ren than their circumstances permit.

photo(44) But that doesn’t mean, of course, that they don’t love their little ones, nor that they want to ever forget about the child/ren they placed. Parents who place through Abrazo choose the families that they do because they trust those families to raise the child to understand the decision they made, to love and respect them for making it, and to maintain continued contact over the years, just as any caring relatives would do for each other. (Because sharing a child does “relate you” for life, in a sense.)

Parents who place a child for adoption in Texas cannot legally surrender a child until at least 2 days (48 hr minimum) after birth, and Texas relinquishments provide for no revocation period, provided there is no fraud or coercion or negligence involved. At Abrazo, though, we always tell clients that what’s important isn’t that the placing parents can’t change their minds, but that they are so certain of their choice/s that they wouldn’t change their minds, even if they could.

Abrazo’s adoptive parents are extraordinary and faithful people, who recognize that the agency takes a proactive casework approach, “beginning with the end in mind” as author Stephen Covey would describe it. Families who adopt through Abrazo have a designated staff member (our Family Services Coordinator) who checks in with them on a regular basis, offering counsel and support and direction. (All families who adopt through Abrazo also have a homestudy worker whom they hire, to provide information and advice throughout the process.) They also find a remarkable support system in Abrazo’s Elites, who mentor upon request, and within the general Forum population as well, where alumni stay involved to “pay it forward” and help others who are where they once were.

Abrazo offers three placement programs: the Milagros (full-service) program for applicants with documented infertility who need the agency to locate a match for them, the Designated (identified) program for applicants with or without infertility who have located a match via their own means, and the Promesa (special needs) program, for those with or without infertility who are seeking to adopt a child over the age of five, and/or a sibling group of more than three, and/or a child with medically-diagnosed noncorrectible disabilities known to the agency at time of placement. Still trying to discern whether or not Abrazo fits your needs? Try this: Is Abrazo Right For Me?.

Upon completing the inquiry and receiving the application, applicants to the Milagros program sign up to attend one of Abrazo’s renowned . Confirmation is granted on the basis of agency placement resource needs, no sooner than one month in advance, and all attendees must stay at the host hotel. (Since Abrazo only accepts as many families as we anticipate being able to place with in a year’s time, orientation assignments are made in accordance with the kinds of children being placed and the kinds of families that are most needed.) Within ten (10) days of completing the orientation weekend/receiving an acceptance letter from the agency, approved families who wish to become full-fledged clients of Abrazo remit the required contracts and funds (see Fee Information), then begin preparation of their profile and homestudy, and from there, it’s just a matter of time before they match and place.

Families who take placement of children for whom Abrazo is managing conservator effectively “foster” for a period of 6-18 months, reporting monthly to Abrazo, completing five quarterly post-placement supervisory visits in the first six months with their homestudy worker (quarterly thereafter) and continuing direct contact with the birthparent/s of Abrazo’s child/ren until the placement is approved for finalization, which occurs in Bexar County, Texas.

Abrazo’s three-step admissions process (consisting of Inquiry, Application, and Orientation) begins here, with the preapplication document we call the “inquiry form.”

Click here to download the Adoptive Parents’ Inquiry Form

To get started, download, complete and return the Adoptive Parents’ Inquiry Form (for new clients, only.)* If you’re interested in joining the Abrazo family and bringing a new son or daughter home through open adoption, please complete the Inquiry form and mail it to our offices with a photo and a check or money order for processing (or click to pay fee online, below.) Upon approval, we’ll forward the more lengthy application package (and upon acceptance of that completed submission, you’ll be ready to join us for the final step, attendance at one of our nationally-renowned Parents of Tomorrow orientation weekends). Welcome! We appreciate your interest in Abrazo, and we look forward to getting to know you better.

* Please note: You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader (or another PDF viewer) to view and print this form. This software is available free from Adobe. The Acrobat reader is often installed automatically with most operating systems, so it is likely that you may already have it.

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TO RECEIVE THE ADOPTING PARENT INQUIRY FORM VIA U.S. MAIL, please send your request to Abrazo with a self-addressed return envelope with two first-class stamps on it.


Skip the Inquiry process, because you’re family with us already! Download and return the Abrazo Application Form, and we’ll schedule you for Orientation, ASAP!

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