Available Adoptive Families

Ever hear the old saying “Mother knows best”?

At Abrazo, we think that sounds about right, because who would know better than a mom who’s placing what sort of parents she wants for her child and what available adoptive families appeal to her most?

However you got here, whether you Googled “how do I give up a baby” or “I want to put my child up for adoption” or “I need a home for my children,” you are definitely in the right place! Abrazo is here to help, and in the past 22 years, we’ve placed over fourteen hundred Texas children, so you can trust that Abrazo definitely knows how to do safe and amazing adoptions.

Check out a small sample of our available adoptive families and waiting parent profiles, below. Or call Abrazo anytime, day or night, in Texas at 1-800-454-5683 or from outside Texas, call 1-210-342-5683 and let Abrazo put you in touch with our carefully-approved parents-in-waiting, so you can get a feel for how absolutely awesome Abrazo’s available adoptive families and open adoption can be!

If you’ve already had your baby, it’s not too late. Just call Abrazo anytime day or night, at 1-210-342-5683 (or if you’re in a hospital, you can also ask the hospital social worker to call Abrazo for you.) We’ll get there to help you right away, so your baby can go right home with the available adoptive family of your choice. (No foster care required!)

Abrazo has a wonderful assortment of available adoptive families, who are ready and waiting to welcome you and your child into their lives. They come from all over the United States, and they’re all very unique, except

  * due to infertility, adoption is the only hope our couples have of growing their families, and 

  * each family promises Abrazo they are truly committed to open adoption, because they recognize that it takes both birthparents and adoptive parents to give children both roots and wings.

All of Abrazo’s available adoptive families pictured above have already been thoroughly screened by social workers and cleared by the FBI before they could even have their adoption profiles shown here, so you know every one of Abrazo’s available adoptive families are already approved, homestudy-ready and waiting to match and place.

Pick out three families that interest you, and then call us to talk about getting to know them better. Our Parents-in-Waiting all know that there’s a “right” match for everyone, and they’re more than happy to talk with you by phone, anytime you’re ready. (If you’d rather have us send you free paper copies of our waiting families profiles, call Abrazo and we’ll gladly mail them to you.)

And if by chance you don’t find the sort of family you’re looking for here, talk to Abrazo about the kind of adoptive parents you hope to find! The families we have available change periodically, so if you’re not seeing the kind of folks you want to place with, talk with us about it and let Abrazo find the right people for you.

So call Abrazo today at 1-210-342-5683 or in Texas & surrounding states: dial 1-800-454-5683, and let us help you get started! Our available adoptive families are looking forward to getting to know you and our staff is, too.