Meet the Abrazo Staff



Meet the AbrazoChicks, as our alumni have fondly nicknamed us. We’re open adoption professionals with a wealth of experience in this field (personal and professional) and for our staff, adoption is not merely a job, but rather, a calling. We do it all, from counseling to casework to stork runs and diaper changes, and we love what we do, because we love the parents and children we serve.

Maternity Services Coordinator

(at far right in photo)
April worked for Abrazo for five years while earning her Sociology degree, then joined the Army, earned her Master’s degree and saw the world as a medic before coming home to Abrazo to head up our Maternity Services. April is the proud mom of two handsome sons, and is also the birthmother of a set of twin girls who were placed through Abrazo and are now teenagers. In her spare time, April loves scuba-diving, popcorn and M&Ms and playing paintball with her kids. (April’s email is

Executive Director/Founder

(center in photo)
Elizabeth holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and sociology from Trinity University, and a Master’s degree in counseling psychology from Our Lady of the Lake University (both in San Antonio). She is a Licensed Child Placing Agency Administrator, a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and a Certified Professional Open Adoption Practitioner. She began her adoption career in 1987. A single mother of two sons in middle school, Elizabeth enjoys playing the piano, armchair politics, and retail therapy. (Elizabeth’s email is

Post-Adoption Specialist/Homestudy Worker

(second from right in photo)
Dawn, who worked at Abrazo in the nineties, is back! She now serves as our Post-Adoption Specialist, and she also provides homestudy and post-placement supervisory services for Abrazo clients in the San Antonio area. Her degree is from Texas Tech, so be forewarned that she bleeds red and black. Dawn has been married to her college sweetheart for forever and they are the proud parents of two teenage sons. (Dawn’s email is

Counseling Services

(far left in photo)
Ximena began as a Master’s level counseling intern, and she was such a joy to have around, we made her a staff member. Ximena, who is bilingual, provides counseling and casework services for all of Abrazo’s clients and facilitates our birthparent support group, as well. A newlywed and a marathon runner, Ximena is originally from Mexico and enjoys doing arts and crafts in her free time. (Ximena’s email is