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Familia todo porque quatros personas se enamoraron...

One week ago, they were just one more couple from our Candy Cornholes orientation of October 2016, who were anxiously waiting for their homestudy agency to get their study done and submitted to Abrazo.

They were busy with the holidays, like everyone else, and had no idea whatsoever that their lives were about to change forever.

But in a land far away, in a city where folks regularly speak their second language, a young couple was anxiously waiting for answers to their prayers, regarding a baby on the way at a time in which they felt the least prepared to manage another child.

That baby was born, and the prospective birthparents fortuitously found their way to Abrazo. The much-needed homestudy was swiftly forwarded and approved, enabling the introduction which today changed everything for all of them, as these four parents met for the first time and joined hands and hearts to bless one very much-loved baby boy.

We celebrate the precious son they now share, and we wish them every joy as they build a forever family relationship that will guarantee that this child will indeed always be family to all of them! Happy New Year, everyone. 

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Wowza! What a blessed surprise!

Is this our first 2017 baby ? of the year for Abrazo?

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On 6/15/2006 at 9:28 AM, Guest mshirst said:

It's been nearly a week since we have experienced our failed placement, and it's truly remarkable what a difference that time, the support of family and friends, and seeking expert guidance makes.

Matt is fortunate to have access to an EAP (employee assistance program) that provides free and professional support on a whole host of life issues; in addition to having people available to talk to, they also provide a large variety of printed collateral. We contacted them shortly after returning home.

We hoped to share some of it with those who have experienced or will experience profound disappointment and loss, but LifeWorks is a proprietary web site and this forum doesn't seem to allow document attachments. For those of you who would like copies of some of the resources we have been allowed to save from LifeWorks, please email us at mehirst@pier1.com or serenejrh@aol.com.

The following non-proprietary site included a lot of the same basic points, however, and we found it interesting. Perhaps it will be of some value to everyone seeking meaning - and that, of course, is all of us!


That just shows to never give up!  We will all be chosen.

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Sometimes, the road that brings birthparents, babies and adopting families together is a straight highway, while other times it takes more of a meandering trail with unforeseen twists and turns. Yet however they find each other, the end result is a glorious new destination, and so it is for our newest forever family.

The birthmother had chosen a family, yet when her baby was born, felt he was intended for another home. 

The adoptive family had suffered a great loss of their own last year and feeling their family was incomplete, had just had a homestudy done, so weeks ago, they learned of Abrazo from another family who adopted here years ago. 

We give thanks for the two adoptive families, who helped support this birthmom and who helped refer this adoptive couple to Abrazo, and for the other Abrazomoms who offered to cuddle this baby for us at the NICU while we sought a new home for him.

And we thanks God for bringing everyone together for the love of this very special baby boy. Blessings, all! 

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Congratulations!  May this baby always feel the love from all the families brought together as one.

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