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  1. This is the place I come for good news and the biggest smiles! Congratulations!!!
  2. I found looking at other profiles we received at orientation was very helpful. The best online advice I found was to let the pictures tell the story of who you are and what your everyday life is, don't load it down with too much text - really hard to do when you're trying to get so much across. I tried not to write about what was in the pictures to get as much out of the little space as possible. You want the birth mother to envision the kind of life their child will live with you. Be genuine and include pictures or a theme that makes you unique, so she remembers your profile after viewing
  3. Back to letters of reference. Does it matter that the three folks we're asking all knew me before I knew my husband? As in, someone could say the were all my friends, though they know us as a couple and parents now. Thanks
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