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  1. Welcome to the World Darcy!
  2. Read lots of adoption books about open adoption...read lots of articles on the forum...connect with your orientation group...keep posting here!!!
  3. Welcome to the World Ella!
  4. Welcome to the World, Baby girl of 2021!
  5. Welcome little ones....sounds like lots of boys are being born lately....yeah!!!! Welcome to your forever family!
  6. The first 2020 baby of the year....well deserved family much love ❤️
  7. A baby changes everything.....
  8. A baby changes everything.....
  9. Proud to say.....what Christmas blessings to end this year ...... 2019 Welcome lil’ ones..... to the Abrazo Family .... much love ❤️
  10. Welcome to World Reyna, baby girl
  11. Prayers for this loss. May you find peace in all the memories made.
  12. Wowza 10 pounds! Great bundle of joy!
  13. Welcome to the World baby girl.....
  14. What a blessing for these boys!!
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