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  1. Welcome to this world Baby Miles!
  2. Can't stop thinking about the families either. Lifting all of the families in prayer. Our hearts and prayers are with you. Receive a hug from all of the Abrazo family.
  3. Truly, what a blessing!! Welcome to this world baby!!
  4. Prayers and our deepest condolences to the families.
  5. So happy to hear about your match!! Praying for you guys!!

    1. Morris08


      Thanks!! Here we go! You two set the pace for this group and its fast moving! How are the 3 of you settling in???

    2. P&W


      Yay!! I am super excited for y'all. We are doing great. So thankful to the BP and to God for such amazing miracle. Our little angel has been truly sent from above. He is so peaceful, he even sleeps through the night (only wakes up two times for feeding). He is God's perfection here on earth. We are enjoying him every single second!! Get ready for the most exciting journey of your life ?

  6. Congratulations Emma and Mark!! We are so excited for your blessing and celebrate along with y'all!! God is faithful!!
  7. God is faithful!! Thank you Abrazo's family for all the love ?
  8. P&W

    Thank you so much for all your beautiful prayers!! We are beyond blessed!!

  9. We declare blessings to your life Baby Chase! Welcome to this to the world!!
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