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Baby Announcements 2016

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  • 3 weeks later...

In the beautiful season in which so many remember the world changing impact of one young woman's unplanned pregnancy centuries ago, Abrazo is blessed to announce yet another tiny miracle.

He was born this week to a loving mother, small in stature but with a great heart. She wanted a brighter future for her baby boy, and she surely found even more than that in a loving couple from our Candy Cornholes orientation of 10/16, who have genuinely embraced her as family, as well.

We celebrate the precious son they now share and we wish them all a very special Christmas together this year. 

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Congratulations to all that love this little guy!  Merry Christmas to the new family this baby boy has brought together.

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Welcome to World ? Baby "Mighty" Max!

Happy for our group of Candy Cornholes!

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Months ago, an expectant mom joined our program in hopes of doing an open adoption for her coming baby boy.

She had the support of her family, and she wanted the sort of open adoption that would honor her family ties, as well. She chose one family out-of-state, but when another baby needed them more, she made the decision to choose an alternative adoptive couple closer to home.

She found them amongst the couples who attended Abrazo's Candy Cornholes orientation of October, and they met for the first time just this month. Days later, this mama went into early labor, and today, she entrusted her precious baby boy to their care forever, trusting that they will honor their promises to keep her involved in his life and to stay involved in hers, as well.

We wish them every joy in their relationship as they continue to grow their friendship, and we hope the son they share will forever feel connected to both of his loving families. Blessings, all!  



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