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  1. Congratulations to the newly formed family.
  2. Continued prayers being said for Baby Chase and his loved ones here on earth grieving his loss. Chad and Charlene, we have been continually praying for all of your family including Joe and Roxanne. We love you all and can't find the words to say, but want you to know our hearts are heavy and our minds are sorrowful knowing the hurt that you, our Abrazo family, are experiencing over your sweet son. Much love to you all!
  3. So happy this sweet boy is loved by so many! Congratulations to all his parents and prayers said for his birth mom in the difficult transition.
  4. Congratulations to both Werner & Priscilla and Mark & Emma! So happy for you all on your newest bundles of love and their first families!
  5. So happy for this united family and birth family of Chase's to have all found family in each other. Congratulations to you all!
  6. Tears!!!!! Saying prayers for all members of this beautiful adoption triad. May every single member know how loved they are by one another throughout all of their days.
  7. Congratulations to both of the newly formed families!
  8. Hi! So glad you made your way to the forum! The last profile we created we did in Powerpoint and we loved the way it turned out. We were struggling with photo software programs and just needed something easy for us. My husband and I are both business professionals so using what we knew, worked well for us and allowed us to focus on the mechanics of the profile itself rather than the software. I recommend determining how many pages you want in your profile and make an outline just like you would a story. Talk over with your spouse what you want each page to say about your story an
  9. So happy for the newly formed family and wish them all bonding as they unite as family through their baby boy.
  10. Congratulations to the newest formed family and blessings to all of his parents!
  11. Congratulations Eric and Kathleen! We have pictures and memories of camp with Eric too! So glad to see he and his wife's hearts and arms full!
  12. I am so grateful with you Susan! Wonderful, perfect news! Thank you for sharing and I am saying prayers of thankfulness!
  13. Blessings to the new parents and newest arrival!
  14. Your angel girl is growing up so beautifully and I love seeing pictures of her and Lala together. They both just have this sparkle while with one another that you can see in pictures. I love how you worded your heart swelling for her, you are such a beautiful person inside and out. I'm so happy for you all that you were all able to enjoy each other and visit recently. Many blessings wished for you and your family.
  15. Happy birthday to your beautiful angel baby! She is such a treasure in all of your lives! Peace and love to you, Lala and all of her loved ones as they remember this special and emotional day.
  16. Congratulations to both of these newly formed families and best wishes to all of the parents whom love these sweet baby girls.
  17. So happy for this family to have been entrusted with their son today, Congratulations Turnis family, your hearts and arms are full tonight!
  18. Mari, I love that you celebrate her life every year on this day in addition to her birth day! Sooo sweet, and I am sure you never find a shortage of ways to celebrate your baby girl. xoxox to you both!
  19. Congratulations to the newest formed family and blessings to you all.
  20. Welcome to the world, little pumpkin! Congratulations!
  21. Congratulations on the entrust meant and placement of your child! So happy to see your dreams come true. We will be thinking of all of you and your child's loving birth mama in the coming days.
  22. Blessings to the newly formed family, this innocent child and all of the parents that put this child first with open, loving hearts! Bless the Abrazochicks and thanks to Him who blessed their search.
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