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    Prayer of A Mother

    Lord, tonight I pray that you watch over my children as they grow. Don't let them see pain or hurt like I have. Let them live a full life. Let them know happiness without pain. Let them learn from me so they may not have to learn the hard way. Thank you Lord for my children, and the chance at life they have. Thank you for my life. Thank you for making me a stronger person. Let my children grow in my protective shadow. Please don't let them see the ugly side of life. Lord, I have seen their share. Lord, please protect them as they sleep tonight. As far away as they are from me. Let them feel my love in my absence. Let them see that I love them. That I made the choice I made out of Love. Lord, PLEASE be with my children. -Angel
  2. Birthmommy

    Coming Back Through

    Just a quick question (yet again on the behalf of my dear friend) Is adopting a second or third child more difficult that the first? -Angel
  3. I was just curious when you fellow Birthparents out there decided that adoption was the most loving decision you could make for your child? I decided in both cases the day after or the day of when I was pregnant. But I know for some it's later on in the pregnancy. So what finally helped you make up your mind? Do you would have been easier if you would have decided at a different time? Just picking ???"s to learn more about what other Birthmom's go through. As you all may/may not know I'm working on my Masters in Social work and I plan on going into the adoption field someday. I want to work with birthmothers. I know I already know kinda how it feels but since I know we are all different I would love to hear more thought processes in the early stages of adoption.
  4. Birthmommy

    How soon did you decide adoption?

    Thanks all!! And by the way to any of you Birthparents out there!! If you ever need to talk feel free to email me/PM me!! I know sometimes I don't feel like posting on the forum, but I feel like talking!! I'm here for you!! Hugs -Loriahn
  5. Birthmommy


    Hello!! Andrea !! Welcome to the forum!!! I look forward to reading your journey as well!!! Hugs Angel
  6. Birthmommy

    How do I tell my Parents?

    I agree, when I told my mom.............she was more upset by the fact that she wasn't there for me during one of the roughest times of my life! Wow!
  7. Hello! Here is the deal. My parents know about my triplets I placed last year, they are totally supportive of the adoption (not the pregnancy mind you). My mom still lets me talk about them, but my Dad won't hear any of it. I know they were really hurt by the whole process. With my latest pregnancy I didn't tell them I was even pregnant. Or about the baby. I talk to my mom about 6 times a day. I sometimes just want to blurt it out because I just NEED to tell her, but then my dad won't ever talk to me again (trust me, he is this way, when I found out I was pregnant with the triplets and told them, I didn't hear from them for two weeks, and then the only reason I did was that Sept 11.) I know eventually I will HAVE to tell them. But what is the best way? Do I wait to do it in person? Is this the thing you can tell someone over the phone or through email? What should I do? Thanks, Angel
  8. Birthmommy

    A Good Read for Birthgrandmothers

    Would this book be good for my mom even though I placed 3/4 years ago???
  9. Birthmommy

    How do I tell my Parents?

    Guess what??? I finally told my Mom!!! I was really frustrated by my sister the other night and I finally just felt it was right to tell my mom. She took it a whole lot better than I thought, AND now she and my sister want to meet Fiona when I come out to Colorado next time :-)!!!
  10. Birthmommy

    Putting It Altogether

    Well, hmmm.....The entire time I was pregnant with the triplets my mom and I talked every day. Even though my dad didn't want her talking to me about that, and to this day, she'll ask me about them when he isn't around.
  11. I think it would be healthy and give the birth relatives a sense of security with the birthparents decision if they knew the AP's from the start, plus it makes for even a more wonderful extended family :-). -Loriahn
  12. Birthmommy

    The Welcome Wagon!

    Welcome, Jason and Kristin I'm sure you know by now that I'm former Army, now a stay at home Mom. :-) I'm also and adoptee and a birthmom. I look forward to learning more about you and encouraging you on your adoption journey! Hugs and Prayers! Loriahn
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    Gender Preference?

    Elizabeth- Do birthparents ever choose 2 families the placement will be determined by the sex of the baby? Just curious, because my brother's birthmother (she was 18) had decided if it was a boy, he would be ours and if he would have been a girl he would go to a different family. Is this even healthy for Open adoptions?? (his is closed) Just Curious- Loriahn
  14. Birthmommy

    1st choice, 2nd choice, 100th choice?

    from a birthparent perspective, from the day I found out I was pregnant, adoption was the 1st and ONLY thought on my mind! -Loriahn Great subject though!!
  15. Birthmommy

    Baby Announcements 2005

    Congrats to all the new parents!! and I hope to see you posting despite your new busy life!! (it helps if you do it when they are awake. I think babies are bored by the forum since they can't read it, Alex always falls asleep when I'm typing. :-) ) God Bless you and your new families. Loriahn
  16. Birthmommy

    Open Adoption

    I am between the some and lots. I think very occasional visits (annual or bi annual ) are the best. At least for me. But we email and chat occasionaly. At least thats what's best for me. However, I think it all depends on the situation on what is the best type. Honestly. If I didn't have my life going as well as I do now. If I was into stuff and hanging out with the right crowd, I might be embarrased to let my birthkids see me like that. But like I said, it's all situational. -Loriahn
  17. Birthmommy

    Open Adoption

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I am an adoptee of a closed adoption and a birthmother of 3 year old triplets and a two year old girl, both in open adoptions. Although I have never met my birthmother, and had a wonderful adopted life with my Adoptive Parents. I am still a big advocate of Open adoption (except special circumstances) To me it is great, knowing that my birthkids are ok and well loved, both by me and their Adoptive Parents. I see both families about once or twice a year, but we correspond and talk on the phone often. Which is great! Again, welcome to the forum!! -Loriahn
  18. Birthmommy

    Backing Your Baby

    When People ask me how my parents felt about the triplets adoption I tell them, "well they support my decision, even though they are dissappointed that I had to make that choice" just my two cents Loriahn
  19. Birthmommy

    Dr. Phil

    Ok, about that little boy they had an update on that little boy adopted from India. The family is doing much better, and the little boy is happy and telling his AM that he loves her. And the AM can't believe she ever said that, and that she can't imagine life without them. So at least that story has a happy ending.
  20. I think my Mom felt more comfortable with the fact that the AP's of the triplets were older than me. Probably because my parents were older when they adopted us.
  21. Ok, this has been bugging me the last couple of days, and I just wanted some imput from my favorite forum friends :-) As you all know I'm about to give birth in about 5 weeks. My mom is coming out for the whole ordeal and to help. But I was thinking, is this going to be hard on her watching the whole thing, knowing she never was able to have her own child? I know she loves me and is so happy for Mike and I, but at the sametime, do you think it will be painful at all for her? And if so, what can I do? Thanks Loriahn
  22. Birthmommy

    Who Birthmoms Are

    I thought the article was good, it is very factual and doesn't seem to present a dark side of adoption. Thanks!
  23. Birthmommy

    What Made You Call?

    As you all know, I've been there and there again......and my again came 5 months after the first......the first thing I did was contact the AP's of my first child to see if they had friends that were trying to adopt. I wanted first and for most for ALL my children to know eachother and to be friends. Since that is what Open Adoption is about, knowing where you came from right? Yes it is embarrasing a little. And I got quite a few jokes like, "you do know how it happens right?" etc. But I perservered...and I now have 4 beautiful birthchildren who know each other (Sierra talks about Fiona to me) and love each other. Awesome!! Loriahn-
  24. Birthmommy

    newbie here

    Hello!! Welcome!! My name is Loriahn (Angel) I am a birthmother of 4 (2 year old triplets that I placed though Abrazo) and a 11 month old baby girl. ANd also, I am a step mother to three beautiful kids Michael 11, Tori almost 8 and Libbi 4. I found the forum VERY supportive through my whole adoption experience. :-) So welcome....we are here for you....... hugs, Loriahn
  25. Birthmommy

    For Military Families Wanting to Adopt

    Hi! I just saw that "DH" is in the military. I am an adoptee and birthmom. But I am in the military and going to Iraq on the 16th. Good luck! You'll be in my prayers. Along with DH!! -Angel