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  1. Thanks Susan for your help, I really appreciate it. The trouble we're having now is I think the letter portion is too long. When I write I tend to be a little "long-winded" (SMILE) and I really want to include details about us and our life...but I guess I do need to remember that this is only the first initial introduction and they will of course get to know us better once we talk anyway. Its so good to "meet" you Angel! So you're going to be leaving really soon, thank you so much for your prayers and please know that you will be in mine as well. God Bless,
  2. Hi everybody, Just wanted to re-introduce myself, I posted a few times a long time ago, but I've been a "lurker" for even longer and keep up with everyone's stories and really enjoy reading all the posts. My name is Christine, DH is Patrick, and we're so excited about finding Abrazo and growing our family through adoption. We are a military family and found out not too long ago that DH will be leaving in Jan for Iraq. Thankfully though I spoke to Angela and Elizabeth about this and they were very supportive and said for me to go ahead and get our application in and they would do everyt
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