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  1. Ironically, my brother told me about this as he was watching the Master's yesterday. It is so nice to hear about people talking about the joys of adoption and announcing it rather than keeping it a secret.
  2. Thanks for all the great info. I am going to have to read through in depth. Per Melissa's post little confused if our first failed match would count as its own attempt, meaning two separate refunds since it was the same tax year and Colin's adoption won't be final until 2012. Guess I'll find out when we meet with accountant. Good thing I kept good records.
  3. This is all great info! Best advice my accountant gave me was to keep receipts for everything and have it organized. Makes my head spin and glad we have a CPA. I never was a numbers gal.
  4. Aww, love new birth announcements and such a touching story. Elizabeth, you always have a way with your words.
  5. I just called Abrazo on this today. It can be complicated and talking to tax advisor doesn't always clarify. There is a free online tutorial at adoptionlearningpartners.org helped give an overview. Good Luck! After we file I will post what I've learned.
  6. I have been off the forum for awhile and when I logged in this morning, I was so happy to read the joyous news. Patience and don't stop believing paid off. Prayers for the birth family and the new extended family! The happiness radiates in your faces in the picture.
  7. Most definitely seems to be year of boys! Congrats so happy for you. What a lucky little boy.
  8. The forum is great for staying connected and meeting new friends. Had a great visit with Dyna. It was such a pleasure meeting you. Congrats! Love hearing happy stories. Baby boys are absolutely amazing. Best of luck to you and your new son.
  9. Yeah!!!! So excited for you. I haven't been online much, but heard the great news.

  10. Thank you for all the prayers, well wishes and congratulations. Just when you don't understand what's in store and you figure you'll just take time to see what God has planned... he speaks to you. Mike and I are so excited and will be forever grateful to his birth parents for giving us this perfect gift. Colin Paul was born 9-10-11, one day before my birthday and we received the call about a baby boy born and waiting to meet his parents from Elizabeth on 9-23, one day after Mike's birthday. All our birthday wishes came true! Colin is still in the NICU, but continues to get stronger each day. I ask for continued prayers for all of us as our family will be separated for a few weeks when Mike returns home to work and I will stay with him as he continues to improve. We've been each others support system and I know it will be hard on both of us not being together. Mike is having a hard time leaving, but has to go back and plans to return 10-21 (our anniversary) to visit Colin and by then hopefully he will be much stronger and closer to being able to leave the hospital. If anyone is in the San Antonio area and would like to meet, private msg. me
  11. Danette,

    Been thinking of you and hoping relationship is going well with birth mom. Feel free to call or private msg. whenever.

  12. What a touching story. On this adoption roller coaster, its stories like this that make you appreciate the ride. Such a big miracle is such a little girl. Blessings!
  13. P.S. Silly me, I forgot that they will be playing again next weekend already at Wrigley.

  14. Sorry to say that our Sox were victorious over your northsiders. Guess there's always next year:-)

    I was at the game on Tuesday during the storm, it figures.

    Hope everything is going well. Your nursery ideas sound very whimsical and cute.

  15. Believe it or not I was a Cubs fan growing up in a family of Sox fans. I was tired of the "always next year" and married a Sox fan. Now look- Sox pride. We try to go every year to Spring Training in AZ. We love it there. Hope all is well. When is your birth mom's due date? How exciting!!!!!!

  16. The picture of the little girl is heartbreaking. Why did I think the one child ban was lifted two years ago? I couldn't believe what I read. Everyone has different stories on how they joined the Abrazo family and I enjoyed reading others comments. I always wanted to adopt from China before knowing we had infertility problems, but when we decided to travel down the adoption road and began researching, we decided to go with domestic. The long wait, stay overseas, and financial cost was too much for us at this time in our lives. We thought adoption was out for us. We considered foster care and didn't think that was for us either. I then read about open adoption and liked the idea of forming a relationship with the birth family. I think this is beneficial for all involved. We are excited to have a baby join us from Texas and who knows how we will expand our family in the future. We are focused on getting baby #1 first
  17. This is all very good information. I think it is very important that expectant mothers take the time and ask these questions just as adoptive parents want to ask the expectant mother questions. We have friends that have adopted internationally and literally have waited 5+ years for their children. When we researched Abrazo and heard 6-12 months average, we were surprised. While many couples in our orientation group have already matched and gone through placement, I look at each of these families and can truly see that their children were "right" for them. We are enjoying marriage as a couple and trusting in God's plan.
  18. Thanks Evelyn! It was taken last summer at the beloved (Comiskey) US Cellular Field. Home of the Chicago White Sox. Would love to take you and Ryan there if you make it up here this summer.

  19. I figured you were just trying to keep us on our toes
  20. Ok Elizabeth, now that you have the TIKLV gals attention... hope you will be blowing some baby dust our way. I don't recall Erin and John being at our orientation (Was there some Texas pouring going on????) Hoping the luck o' the Irish is in our favor and that you gals at the ABRAZO office have a busy week of March Match Madness!!!!! John, Erin, and big sister, Azucena, Congratulation on our addition to your family! Sending good wishes to your family and extended birth family as well.
  21. Oh my goodness Elizabeth! Baby Gaga icecream?!? No thank you. Then there's this site as well. http://www.onlythebreast.com/?page_id=576
  22. Jen-

    Loved seeing your finalization photo. Looking forward to talking to you soon. How nice family was able to be there and visit Drake. I hope you get the opportunity to visit with Drake's b-mom on your next visit. I'm sure it was nice to have some warm weather for a change. I'm ready for spring!

  23. Hi Danette-

    I replied to your message about the home study. I hope you received it.

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