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  1. This may sound odd as an AP, but not jumping at the first BP who calls isn't always best either. Sometimes when it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Many BP are nervous & want you to like her so you'll like her baby so they may say what AP want to hear. To all PIWs, use prayer to guide you. God truly has the right baby for you.
  2. I saw this!! She has a beautiful little AA daughter! My favorite actress on my favorite show.
  3. Thanks to all for wishing my mommy & daddy well. I'm happy to be home!! Love, Austyn

  4. Congrats on your son! Enjoy every new moment.

  5. Patience, my dear Jedi, is a virtue.

  6. Thanks Evelyn! It was taken last summer at the beloved (Comiskey) US Cellular Field. Home of the Chicago White Sox. Would love to take you and Ryan there if you make it up here this summer.

  7. God ordained His Will to dominate. May peace & blessings be upon all during this time!
  8. Who else from the Tikkies is loving on my latest nephew?
  9. God is awesome isn't He? this miracle unfolded perfectly. Great announcement. Peace, blessings & congratulations to all families of this sweet baby girl. Can somebody tell me - was she the 11 pounder?
  10. Congratulations Dale & Jennifer on your new baby girl!!! So excited for you. I can feel the pink love!!! God Bless!
  11. Awwww, look at the new footer! I love it! Congrats College BFF! I remember when you approached me Cinco de Mayo & shared your dream of adopting & asked me & Ryan to join you & Jermaine. It's surreal to know that in less than a year OUR dream has come true. Ryan and I are overjoyed to be sharing in this journey with you. Abrazo will forever be a part of our lives. God is in the blessing business indeed! I'm just thrilled that you'll now have time to join me on the forum! HA!
  12. Congratulations Wilson family!!! Auntie Ev & Uncle Ry & the entire Tikkie Nation are sooooo happy for you. What a beautiful tribute Elizabeth wrote to you three. Will keep the new family in prayer & your new birthfamily in prayer as well. We love you!!!
  13. Man, I feel like we should call Oprah or The Talk to have this discussion live! Great info. Calix, believe me Ryan only THINKS he's enlightened. I think he had other reasons to have me lactate... These are all good points. I especially appreciate how you pointed out if there is a failed placement, one could donate their milk to a bank. Didn't even cross my mind. To Andrea's point about being on call & working, the fact that MIL could still feed Madeline what she was used to is such a good point. Thanks for sharing all!
  14. Welcome to the Abrazo family. If only you could see the look on my face with my husband said to me during our baby class, "Can't you just take some hormones & feed the baby?" Turns out in our married couples ministry, there is a lactation nurse & just two weeks ago I asked her opinion. She stated that i could be done with proper planning. Now, I don't have a baby yet. I was actually matched 2 weeks after orientation & had about 9 wks prior to birth. The BP went into labor early & then changed her mind after birth. I say that to say I'm not sure of the "guaranteed" type of placement but given the nurse told me I'd need to prep with certain medications about 3 months out, how can I ever know when to start? We could get a mom who changes her mind again, or we could get a call less than 3 months out like last time or we could get a BOG (baby on ground). There's not any way to tell when your baby will come. I think that's something you'll have to decide on with your hubby & figure out how the time would work out. One thing I didn't ask was how long I could take the meds before my milk would express. She did mention that I could pump & freeze but that defeats the whole breastfeeding bonding thing. Good luck with your quest. I will follow this strand to see what new stuff comes up!
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