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  1. Welcome Jessica! We hope that you find a wealth of information here, and I can see that you've already been digging!! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

  2. Thanks a bunch, Calix. The Creating a Family website is great. I am so excited for the possibilities...
  3. John and I have two dogs (brother and sister) that are mid-sized. We both grew up with dogs and we consider them part of our family. I was talking with a family member and they suggested we get rid of them when the baby comes. I was taken aback. We are committed dog owners and love our pups so that had never crossed our minds. We did talk about how they bark at everyone who walks by our house and at squirrels/critters and how we will handle this with a sleeping baby. The only instance I could think of as to why we would find another home for our dogs is if our baby was allergic to them.
  4. Wow, lots to consider. Thank you to everyone for your input and referring me to the previous forum comments. My husband and I need to discuss all this and try to determine the best way to proceed. I was just put in contact with another adoptive mom who never concieved and breastfed her adopted baby girl. I can post about her experience if anyone is interested after I meet with her.
  5. Hi Abrazo Forum Network - I just started to research adoptive breastfeeding. I was wondering if anyone has done it and is willing to share their experience. I have read about taking hormones and herbs to help milk production but I am not sure of side-effects, etc. I would love to be able to breastfeed our future baby (Lord willing!). We are just starting our home study and have yet to attend the Abrazo Orientation. I want to make sure I get a schedule together for how long to set aside before we could get our baby to prepare to breastfeed if that is possible. Thanks for any help! Jessi
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