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  1. Danette

    Baby Announcements 2012

    Congratulations James and Christy Blessings to you and your Birthfamily. Danette
  2. Danette

    Baby Announcements 2012

    Congratulations Sara and Andrew, May God bless your new family and birth family and bless your little angel Gavin. Danette
  3. Danette

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Dawn and Ben, Congratulations!! Chris and I are so happy for your family. What a great Christmas present. It is nice to see that the Gliders wrapped it up in a little less than a year. We wish you peace love and Happiness and enjoy every moment. Welcome home Ben. Danette and Chris
  4. Danette

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Congratulations Patti and Todd and God bless baby Alejandro and his birth family. Danette
  5. Danette

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Congratulations to Leah and Kevin and Patty and Todd. Blessings on your expanded family and enjoy every minute. Danette
  6. Danette

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Please excuse us of being new parents but we just saw this most beautiful post from home office. I just called Abrazo to thank them for the most beautiful message that we could every receive and thank God they were out to lunch because I don't think I can talk with out sobbing. It means so much to us for this post that words can't express our thanks to Abrazo and who ever wrote this and I know who did because she writes so beautiful on this forum. I noticed that the above message that is in Greek was from the Desiderata which is italian. My mother Sharon's maiden name is Desiderato and she has passed 18 years ago and how crazy that a saying that was used for us was from the Desiderata which I have a couple of books on being it is a family name. Gus which is Costa in Greek is our nephew who was 8 years old and died in a car accident. They definitely are our angels. We appreciate Abrazo for recognizing two people we love and miss. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this. I have copied and pasted it and it will be displayed at our baby shower that our family is having for us. It will also be framed and put in Christo's room. We look forward to camp Abrazo and I will hold on to all my baby girl things in which the theme was angels and look forward to when abrazo can make another dream come true. Sincere thanks to Abrazo, Chris , Danette and Christo Pontikis
  7. Yeah!!!! So excited for you. I haven't been online much, but heard the great news.

  8. Danette,

    Been thinking of you and hoping relationship is going well with birth mom. Feel free to call or private msg. whenever.

  9. Danette

    A Grandmas Story

    Melanie, Thank you for sharing your journey with us. We met you, your daughter and her friend at orientation in January 2011. Chris and I were so moved on how beautiful an open adoption could be. We left that day saying to each other how lucky we were to be at the orientation to see how beautiful your relationship is with Amy and Craig. We were definitely inspired. We pray that our open relationship with our expectant family blossoms as yours has. We will pray for you and your adoptive family that your relationships strengthen even more than it has through the years and look forward to hearing more of your posts. God Bless Danette and Chris
  10. P.S. Silly me, I forgot that they will be playing again next weekend already at Wrigley.

  11. Sorry to say that our Sox were victorious over your northsiders. Guess there's always next year:-)

    I was at the game on Tuesday during the storm, it figures.

    Hope everything is going well. Your nursery ideas sound very whimsical and cute.

  12. Believe it or not I was a Cubs fan growing up in a family of Sox fans. I was tired of the "always next year" and married a Sox fan. Now look- Sox pride. We try to go every year to Spring Training in AZ. We love it there. Hope all is well. When is your birth mom's due date? How exciting!!!!!!

  13. Now that Chris and I are matched with our Birthfamily and going through the emotions of this journey I look back and think of the conversations and decisions that were made just recently. I imagined for the birthfamily making such a brave and loving decision that they go through similar emotions that we do as Adoptive Parents. I have respect for the birthfamily selection process and feel honored to have been chosen and that it was a big loving decision. Danette
  14. Danette

    Adoptive Breastfeeding

    Hilarious!!! Chris will take a double scoop!!
  15. Danette

    Adoptive Breastfeeding

    This defintely makes alot of sense. Clears things up for those who are interested in doing this. Thank you for posting. I will say it again!!! Great information. Danette